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Russian distributor Darknet has been arrested in St. Petersburg. Petersburg, captured the victim

St. Petersburg said three members of the group bought the car and paid for the tickets. governor
Offer air to customers.

Standing for a man and woman for about 30 years and a nine-year-old woman. According to the first idea, the person is older
Offer service from the best air handlers in the black network. Others are hot
An old woman who works as a store manager.

According to Russian journalists, former drug trafficking committees have already been tried
The same thing happened in St. Petersburg.

As for the charges, they are charged with selling drugs in St. Petersburg. Petersburg. Approaching, Krasnoyarsk and Petrodort.
In Gacina, in Limonosov district, in Leningrad region.

While searching for blood, they found 99 different drugs. There is also a set of prohibited items.
Used as a warehouse in an apartment

The expert reviewed parts of the 568 packages seized from the apartment. A laptop was seized from the detainees.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

Earlier, a St. Petersburg court convicted a group of criminals, including Army personnel, of selling drugs in the city.

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