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Russian businessman Darknet, who has a drug policy, has been arrested in St. Petersburg

Three members arrested in St. Luigi. justice
It is thanks to users that they communicate through the dark network.

The wardens were two fifteen-year-old men and a thirty-eight-year-old woman. According to the original information, he is the
youngest man
The online shopping magazine acts as coordinator and director of SEO. It is cool
The owner, the woman, worked as a warehouse manager.

According to the Russian Ministry of the Interior, he is considered a drug dealer.
St. Companies in.

It was suspected by law that drugs were being sold in the Kirov, Krasnoselsky and Petrodvorets districts of St. Petersburg.
Gatchina is located in Lomonosov region in Leningrad province.

If you looked at the woman, you found 99 packs of these different drugs. There was also a depot
Located in a room used as storage.

Experts review the contents of 8,568 packages seized by the house. The manufacturers took the laptop
at home

The search continues. Police are trying to find the victim.

STS court in the past.

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