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Revealed how authorities conquered the dark web of Germany’s greatest chemical revolution

darknet Revealed how authorities conquered the dark web of Germany's greatest chemical revolution
Darknet Revealed how authorities conquered the dark web of Germany's greatest chemical revolution

Cocoa and Ecstasy stores or big German stores are available marijuana and your city has a lot to offer. Who is included
Receive follower messages.

The researchers ordered the drug 17 times in their market: 100 ampoule, 25 levels of pleasure
For 112.50 euros, 50 Colombian chocolates 3.010 euros. The height in the viewing area is high
The investigators undoubtedly explained the documents of the Federal Criminal Office.

Researchers have reported several books
status. Under the name of the chemical revolution, a host of electronic generations are selling medicines via the internet, etc.
Amphetamines, marijuana, and ecstasy, as well as cocaine and heroin. Multiple articles were found, according to the researchers

Watch the school first
Internet marketing has grown significantly in recent years.
Commonly known as the Criminal Police Office (BKA). According to the BKA, there is no time
Depending on where the leo problem arose. But one thing is certain: Even before Corona D.
It is officially purchased by email.

The museum is represented by a post office
Files also played an important role in the chemical revolution. The prescribed medicine was apparently sent by post.
The observation frame shows a man standing in front of a DHL packing station in a supermarket ordering suspicious drugs.
In the city. Investigators also read the suspects’ conversations and interrogated telephone conversations. And the other between
the two
Participants in the chemical revolution. One of them stopped at a packing station. Both employees said:

How do you skip a package?

r what do you mean now?

> Already using Packstation, what can I do to return the package? Should I wear them?

>Yes, you need to click.

Nova Increases Activity: Youth, Men, Computer Stocks
According to PKA, digital drug sellers are often young men who are interested in computers. Often these violations still exist
This project is final and not included in the existing network of traditional crimes. At least inside
On the other hand, this is a chemical repair problem.

For all men, no more than 40 days a year. Once a 27-year leader in chemical change
On the internet he was called Joko. Research shows he is in contact with people who give drugs.
According to the survey, the drug company brought the drug to Germany. Then his pilot appeared.
Deliver and distribute medicines to customers by regular or visual email.

PKA explains that this digital distribution service can attract new customers to the healthcare market. Current statistics
This means the campaign will be powerful. Usually Tornite is provided to you
Easy and secure access to past customer treatments
An ordinary store owner, for example, a station.

Internal documents currently available indicate the completeness of the investigation as a criminal novel:
He contacted a friend who helped build the business during the chemical revolution. This puts buyers in a position to take more
drugs. What
At the time of the chemical revolution, people didn’t know him at the time: the authorities had known about him for years.
I am The traitor contacts a potential drug buyer, but in fact BKA is a secret spy.
Finally, in an interview with an addict, he wrote:

> Do you want to start a business?

> Yes, I have something to do. You are interested

> Yes, what is it?

More: cannabis, fast, LSD or heroin.

The program waits
It was reported that the suspects had paid 40,000 euros for a sweater in a Rewe car in Hamburg. Which should be
Get about twenty-five different pounds. Investigators overheard the meeting. Before birth
Detective in disguise as confirmed by BKA: okay, all palette. Like I said, it looks like a password
The suspects were arrested.

Almost all participants in the Chemical Revolution will be arrested in February 2019. Only the group leader was not arrested
First, according to researchers, not all employees know Joko by name. Mostly so
Encrypted communication software explains the basic communication barrier between BKA and the technical features of anonymity
Investigation of digital drug crimes.

Thus, the small mistakes that can identify digital criminals are: the alleged leader of the chemical revolution f
Eventually, she was discovered with a pizza order. Investigators were able to find out how much he gave Goko. In this way, they
exposed the guilty leader
From a group that was arrested in May 2019.

Ten people are not accused of drug trafficking. Judgment Day is not far away.

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