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Restaurants in Colorado were affected by the POS data breach

August 7, 2019

Butterflies and Royal Street CAF, Corn Valley, Colorado
Inform customers that payment card information may be available
After attacking unauthorized customers at retail stores
The operator operates both restaurants.

On May 1, at Dear Valley Resort, it was revealed that unauthorized people applied for their payment card.
10.-28 system. At this time, everyone has name cards, payment card numbers, expiration dates and internships.
The control code on the payment card is read by magnetic tape. Deer Valley Destination said:

> We provide a secure payment card for travelers to Table Butterfly and Royal Street Cafe at Deer Valley Resort.
The cases have been identified and resolved. Notice of work, actions a
Steps to respond.

On March 17, 2019, malware was discovered on a system that supports payment processing for purchases made in The Mariposa and
Food and beverage conditions on Cafe Street. We take immediate action to ensure that the system works. Payment card
It was an important network, application and payment tools and support intermediaries. There is also a voting table.
Who helped in the investigation. The study identifies malware activity between January 10 and January 2019
At Mariposa and Royal Street Caf, payment systems support up to 28 2019. It is considered malware
Designed to receive track information (card name, sometimes payment card number, expiration date and
Internal control code) is read with the magnetic stripe of the payment card as it moves from the store.
The devices do not apply information to other users.

During the investigation, the erroneous program was immediately eliminated and the food conditions were maintained to calculate
the manner of its implementation.
Credit card data protection We also help and assist the police
Payment card networks so that banks issue, monitor and initiate updated monitoring.

Travelers are advised to carefully check their credit card information for any unauthorized activity. Visitors deserve it
Notify card issuers immediately of any unauthorized fees, as all payment card rules apply to card translators.
We are not responsible for any unauthorized costs over time. You can always see the phone number
Your debit card

We apologize for any inconvenience. If guests have questions about this event, they can call 855-795-3706 starting Monday.
Friday from 7:00 p.m. at 19:00 M.D.T.

Hotels in Deer Valley said they had found the shooting real
Malware is removed, along with internet and police protection.
Banks asked for help and used a debit card.
Everyone knows, so the investigation can begin.

The company did not say how many people there would be.

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