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Report spam and scams in the first quarter of 2019

darknet Report spam and scams in the first quarter of 2019
Darknet Report spam and scams in the first quarter of 2019

Updated on July 18, 2019

Neighbors Needed!
F Valentina
Another thing, the fishing time comes along with good pigeon days, and the purpose is to collect valuable information.
One-sided client, such as bank card details
However, most websites encourage consumers to choose their option and buy Viagra as a gift. Click / Press
As a result of this national report, information on victims’ compensation was sent to Internet customers.

New software products
In late March, Apple’s latest product was released, which jumped faster than ever. Not really!
The impact has been greatly increased for users of misleading websites similar to Apple’s official services. Scam:
The email emailed the victim as if Apple was trying to find her
Their credentials on the ID page are false.

The actual technical system
Courier email support is the most common form of Internet usage. The number of messages has increased dramatically
Especially later. You will find links to technical support pages (and reports) on the forum
Social communication.

All this information we saw in Q1 has something in common.
They help this or that company
Providing professional service of products and services
Many are ready and waiting for help. Of course, it’s not free.
Not only do employees avoid their problems, but they can too
It is also a misconception.

Instagram is new
Last year, anglers and other predators joined the dog list and joined the popular Instagram social network.
This practice continued, although thieves used the entire service without providing any information.
However, it will subscribe to folders, pay for advertising, and have a reputation for distributing content.

Cybercriminals use a variety of strategies to attract victims and offer their products and services at maximum value. therefore
As part of one of the regular activities, customers are asked to provide any information on behalf of the bank. he should not
Categorize the information for each user.

Phishing email support
In the first quarter, automated shows were launched on behalf of a larger organization.
Follow the list of rules listed. The fraud tried to force fans to follow the link
Check your account or update your payment information. Sometimes fake parts are used for good work
Websites sometimes allow users to license fake information.

Log in
In the first quarter, we sent electronic money directly to the United States, sending spam to Ha SpamSkipping (ACH) customers.
Large operating system for consumers and small businesses. This child has a false theory
In the case of similar user or company conversions. Both words have elements that speak well
(Archive, files) and data links.

Spammer means
This quarter, we cover an important topic: Citing reputable companies.
It attracts a lot of potential candidates. Nominees are invited to apply for a free search
Specific functions of your computer to access the database. The client is trying to download the application from the cloud
A pop-up window called DDS Protection will appear and a message linking to the web hosting company (
A list of some administrative tasks used in email settings. If someone adheres, they have a bad record of DOC
Trojan.MSOffice.SAgent.gen becomes a Trojan-Banker.Win32.Gozi.bqr Trojan that is transferred to your computer.
Taken away from the victims.

Work and cryptocurrency
As expected, cyber security in the area of cryptocurrency has not diminished. Spammers have also lost cryptocurrency payments
By distributing to customers. In the first quarter of 2019, we introduced a special way of sending scams to cyber-criminals.
On behalf of the CIA agent who receives information from the client on the ownership and delivery of digital information
Porn with teenagers.

The fraudster, whose name was changed from one letter to another, claimed to have received information about the victims in this
(Originally written by forums / discussions, online discussions / forums, etc.). He is part of an international team
You work for more than 2,000 people in 27 countries. But the servant knew
The victim was a wealthy man known for his safety and paid more than $ 10,000 in bitcoin.

It is a game about people who are afraid of private programs
Fans used the same strategy as last year
Personal and casual porn; Etc. But this time
The CIA team will make the news more credible and frightening
Use Buggyman.

Malta focuses on business
In the first season, Robot lost most of its spam attacks. Internet drives real business
The message itself appears on the victim’s partner.

E-mails intended to steal international financial information through distributions have been observed
The fake reports allegedly provide information services on behalf of U.S. companies. All that remains is attachment
It’s over. The lack of documentation seems to help victims open the facility
Install Trojan-Banker.Win32.Trickster.gen on Trojan.MSOffice.Alien.gen.

Look at the banks
Banks are known as bogus investors. Fraudsters try to make their identities as reliable as possible
Change the correct code to a postal address, copy the official email format and create a reliable source.
Etc. For example, in a scammer, the first query uses a general event to convince the victim of the message received.
They wrote a crusade. The purpose of the attack is to add to it
Send Bank of New Zealand will increase confidence in the bank’s announcement and confirm by email that it has issued some
If you are using new security features, you will need to update your account information.

The index transfers users to a website to set up a bank account site in New Zealand. The whole story is connected
The site will be delivered to online retailers by clicking the Enter button

In the first quarter of 2009, the highest percentage of spam in men was 56.33%. Average spam rates worldwide
It reached 55.97%, which is almost the same percentage (+ 0.07 points) in the fourth quarter of 2018.

The highest percentage of spam in Russian media occurred online in January (56.19%). Lifestyle content is expensive
55.48% ie 2.01 p. Greater than Q4.

Spam is important
As always, the countries in which spam originated are China (15.82%) and the United States (12.64%); The first three laws,
Fifth in the first quarter (5.86%) and third in Russia (6.98%) and Brazil (6.95%) fell to fourth. en
Sixth place is France (4.26%), Argentina (3.42%), Poland (3.36%) and India (2.58%). It almost covers the top ten
Vietnam (2.18%).

During the first 1 minute of 2019, the volume of e-mails (up to 2 CB) in the fourth quarter of 2018 decreased to 7.14 bp. With an
increase of 25 topics, 73.98%.
UN coverage fell by 8.27% (page 3.15). The 1020 KB data represents 5.11% of spam emails, up 1.08 F.p. in the fourth quarter.
The shaved grapes are 2050 CB, 3.00% (increasing by 0.32% in the fourth quarter of 2018).

TM1 By 2019, the number of mailboxes is declining Exploit.MSOffice.CVE-2017-11882 with 7.73% change in other ways
Backdoor second. Win32.Androm (7.62%) W was the third largest. Win32.WBVB (4.80%) Four positions were changed to another project.
Use Exploit.MSOffice.CVE-2018-0802 (2.81%) from Microsoft Office, Trojan-Spy.Win32.Noon (2.42%) will be disabled.

A letter from Malikul
For the first few, he said, according to the number of vaccines distributed in Germany (11.88%).
In second place is Vietnam (6.24%) and Russia (5.70%).

In the first quarter of 2019, 111,832,308 hackers tried to mislead 12.11% of Kaspersky Lab.
Foreign workers are trying to attack

Come closer
Until the last quarter, the largest fishing area in Brazil in the first half of 2019 was Brazil (21.66%).
At 1.53 at night

In second place Australia (17.20%) with 2.42 p. 4:46 am in Brazil after 1 pm Spanish is over
Other places are 16.96 (+0.87 pp), 5 places Portugal (16.86 ) and Venezuela (16.72 ).

Organization is being created
One war is to arrange fishing at different levels
The company is based on the results of Kaspersky Labs Anti-Phishing
first. Open what the user has to try
Phishing page, if you click on an email or media
Depends on letters or mistakes. When this condition occurs
Whenever possible, an ad will appear in the application
Maybe there is a problem.

In the second scenario, the fund is better than fighting against joining a rival group.
1723 which was 25.78% in the fourth quarter of last year.

Global Internet portal (19.82%) and payroll are in second place
Management of other activities by financial institutions
Third (17.33%).

AK Contract
In the first quarter of 2019, the average number of spam messages on social media platforms was 0.06 pounds per day. Anti-phishing
program blocked by 55.97%
More than 111,832,308 sites will be moved to 35,220,650 sites sooner than the comment period.

As always, scammers take every opportunity to use tangible images
Adware (Apple Product Launch Target, New Zealand)
Attack care). Homosexuality is not extinct, pregnancy
Such schemes are usually reliable and provide new coverage to cyber criminals
Minister’s news

Attackers continue to use social media to reach their targets and create social media.
Festival directors often run their own businesses.

Source: Kaspersky Laboratories UK [

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