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Report spam and phishing statistics for the first quarter of 2019

darknet Report spam and phishing statistics for the first quarter of 2019
Darknet Report spam and phishing statistics for the first quarter of 2019

Updated July 18, 2019

The lamp is very strong
Valentine’s Day
Of course, with the scam link coming Dovei Date, keeping secrets is useful.
Buyers love information about credit cards. The topic of cybercriminin covers from online flower shops to social media.
Website, but customers are advised to give gifts to their loved ones and buy drugs like Vega. Click / Click the button.
Because of the importance of these reports, payment information is sent cybercriminal.

Latest results
In late March, as always, he came to check out the latest in many movies and caught a quick spy. In the entry
Attempts to trick Apple users into registering with phishing sites have increased the number of scammers.
Apple’s phishing address prevents internet users from trying to access the link.
Your bad thing is a fake Apple ID page.

give a gift
Emails are one of the most popular forms of deception on the internet. The number of such reports has increased.
Too late. On each platform, you will find links to fake technical support pages. (Searching)
On social networking

Everything seen in Q1 has had the same effect.
They provide assistance for any business and related issues
Better staff, with a commitment to performance, professional development
Wait and wait for help. Needless to say no.
Users don’t always solve problems, but they are also affected
Hardness is great.

Over the years, new technology and media have taken over the Instagram and social networking space.
Fraud is rampant, and con artists use a lot of money to free fraudulent products.
Instead, advertisements encourage celebrities to log into their accounts, pay for advertisements, and share information.

Using cybercrime marketing networks to support potential customers with promises of delivering quality products or products. A
In most cases, the customer must purchase all the information in the company name. This is wrong
All users have their own privacy.

Learn to plan
In Question 1, we repeated the other words to find out what they did.
Keep accurate email lists. Fraudsters try to force consumers to see phishing scams in the background.
Check records and change payment information. Several false names used the same name for true worship, for some time
Sometimes websites compromise to send the killers fake licenses.

Loan finance through the system
The first quarter saw a significant increase in spam-targeted users of automatic electronic payment from clearing houses (ACH) in
the United States.
A system that handles a large number of consumers and small business transactions. These letters contain false warnings.
In relation to the situation reported by the alleged guest or company, there are two dangerous attachments to the report.
(Archive documentation) and link to download the malware-infected file.

Posts submitted by spammers
We posted another email issue this quarter: Messages were sent from reputable companies.
The file was uploaded and attracted a lot of potential candidates.
Special computer application for database access. When you try to download an app from a cloud service, the user does
Displays a pop-up window called DDOS Protection and a message linking to your local recruitment site (
If the user adds a malicious .doc file:
Trojan.MSOffice.SAgent.gen will load you with Trojan-Banker.Vin32.Gozi.bkr Dr will load your computer.
Feeding machine.

Introduction and cryptocurrencies
As expected, cyber domains are not reduced to cryptocurrencies. Spammers continue to pay using cryptocurrency.
Gender users received an unusual fake email model in the first quarter of 2019 to send us messages from a computer.
On behalf of the CIA official, it can access recipient files for digital ownership and distribution.
Pornography of minors

Imagination employees with different names in each statement say there is information about the victim in the case.
(Available on social networks / cha online chat / forums etc.) It is considered part of the international community.
It has arrested more than 2,000 suspected pornographers in 27 countries around the world. But the worker knew it.
The victim, who raised $ 10,000 from Bitcoin, was a successful defender.

If you play with them for fear of losing personal information,
Over the past year, a number of scams have been committed by fraudsters
Personal information, pornographic information, etc.
Loyalty and fear of oath, CIA. official
Be the devil.

Problem with school safety
The Runnet project team met in the first quarter. Data is managed by real business objects.
And they talk about themselves as members of the knowledge community.

We check fraudulent emails about stolen financial information from international organizations by translation.
Duplicate documents on behalf of S.A. required to provide information services. There is nothing outside the application
Everything in the letter. Lack of text suggests that the feeder is trying to open the existing documents.
Download and install Trojan.MSOffice.Alien.gen and Trojan-banker.win32.trixter.gen on your computer.

The body is not a body
The panels are securely attached to the top shelves. Fraudsters are deliberately working to manipulate their scam reports
Distribute the appropriate domains to the senders email and copy the distribution system based on the results.
Until the first quarter, high – profile events are still accused of receiving messages from the public.
They introduced the term in the body used to describe the invasion of Christchurch. Patient with surname
The magnificent New Zealand Ceneb on the transmitter increases confidence in the language. The email notifies you of the release
of the archive
New opportunities that require some cultural uniqueness.

Links are placed in a magical place that allows users to use external banking sites. The figure shows all the numbers
Pressing the Enter key redirects the Internet to the Internet.

The highest spam rate in the first three months of 2019 was recorded in March – 56.33%. Secondary international e-mail segment
In the 4th quarter of 2018, it was at the level of 55.97% or (+0.07 seconds).

The best spam transfers in the Russian Internet industry occurred in January (56.19%). This is the seasonal average
55.48%, 2.01 p.p. quarter.

Sources of spam in any country
In general, the countries with the best sources of spam are China (15.82%) and the United States (12.64%); The other three most
famous countries are Germany.
In the first three months, it fell to fifth place (5.86%), third to Russia (6.98%) and fourth to Brazil (6.95%). Including:
In sixth place is France (4.26%), followed by Argentina (3.42%), Poland (3.36%) and India (2.58%). About the first ten
Vietnam (2.18%):

The first in 2019. For the month set for 2018, the minimum spam penalty (up to 2KB) was increased to $ 7.14. 73.98% ia. 25
UN messages fell 8.27% (to 3.15 pages). 1020 KB messages reached 5.11% or 1.08% of the cache. Section for the fourth episode
KB 2050 messages 3.00% (0.32% in the fourth quarter of 2018).

The first is in 2019. During the month, it is clear that Exploit.MSOffice.CVE-2017-11882 is the best email platform. Its share of
mail flow was 7.73%. U.S. 32. After removing fragrance from second place (7.62%), WormWin 32.WBVB came in third (4.80%). The fourth was moved
to another use
For Microsoft Office, Exploit.MSOffice.CVE-2018-0802 (2.81%) was turned off and Trojan-SpyWin 32.None (2.42%) was blocked.
Top 5

National Economic Information
Germany still ranks among the top 3 countries in the world in terms of the number of invasive pathogens (11.88%). and then
Vietnam is second (6.24%) and Russia (5.70%).

Statistics: Fishing
The first in 2019. The fake security system prevented 11,832,308 customers from being sent to electronic fraud during the quarter.
12.11% of all Kaspersky analysts
The hash has been attacked by users around the world.

Business geographically
As in the first quarter, in the first quarter of 2019, the country with the largest number of users was Brazil (21.66%).
length 1.53 p.p.

The eighth place number has 2.42 p.p. It was followed by Australia (17.20%). but still 4.46 p.p. At that time, Brazil was the
first country. Spanish flowers
in fifth place, more than 16.96% (+0.87 pp), Portugal (16.86%) and Venezuela (16.72%).

Define different types of covert attacks.
Kaspersky Labs is an organization based on the results of the fight against witches
part. Allow each user to try to open it
Click on a link on a website, email or social network.
and this is due to computer messages or activities. If anything
The result is a page that resembles a browser user
potential threats.

The banking sector is facing three-month strikes as part of a series of attacks on lending
plus 5.23 p.p. an increase of 25.78% in the last quarter of a century.

The second is online portals and 19.82% of global payments.
Another type of system is a financial institution
3rd (17.33%)

In the first quarter of 2011, the average percentage of spam traffic in email traffic increased by 0.06% to 55.5.9%, protected
from fraud.
Malicious website redirects during the last reporting period at 111,832,308,35,220,650.

Previously, fraudsters did not lose the opportunity to use celebrities.
Media activities for personal use (Apple launches Polyus in New Zealand
Heart attack) sex is not lost and vice versa
The program has become more credible and offers better coverage for online inmates.
Special envoy

In addition, attackers use social media to target targets and launch ads.
Expand your celebration

Source: Kaspersky UK Laboratory [

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