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Protect Jabber / XMPP messages with OTR immediately

darknet Protect Jabber / XMPP messages with OTR immediately
Darknet Protect Jabber / XMPP messages with OTR immediately

Updated July 1, 201

Pidgin is an open source client that can be set up and managed using a variety of IM accounts.
Interface. Otr, designed by Pidgin, maintains a reliable and secure communication infrastructure
Pidgin user.

An existing IM account is required to use Pidgin. Sign up for this account in Pidgin.
There are many services Google is searching by XMPP servers. We support Go to
Create an account here.

1. Go to, download and install the app.

2. Start Pidgin application now. The first time you use Pedgen, the following screen appears:

Click on pidgin [add an empty account window to this account:

.. To see the instant messaging protocol that supports pathogen, click on the list of protocols below and click on XMpass below:

Guidance [Enter your email address (for example,
In the Username and Password name, type the account password.
In the case of local novels you may want to choose a pseudonym. (This section is optional) Important: a
For privacy and security, password memorization is not allowed. This means that Pedgin always requires a password
Login to chat online. This prevents scammers from coming and going
The diner will remain demilitarized for a while. The account addition screen is as follows:

[Add a link to the account.

6. Follow these steps to add a friend to your IM account via Pedgen. Click Buddhists to show exact instructions
Then select below + friends below:

[Pl displays the following screen.

Enter the pedagogical username : Click Add to add a friend. Sends you a text message
A friend asks you to confirm or confirm your claim and sends a letter to a friend.

Pidgin [No need for a friend to do the following
Step: Select or Limit. If he / she acknowledges your application, it will appear in the list of your friends below.

pidgin [wants to send a message to your friends. Remarkably
Click on your friend’s name and select IM, a new window will open as shown in the figure below.

Pidgin [huge end! We are not permanent
OTR no. So, go to the OTRC Fur Punk CA / and download the OTR Plugin for PTRGIN. Once your device is installed and successful
Install Python, open it, click Tools, and select a plugin.

pidgin [Select otr as shown on screen.

pidgin otr [Send message now otr. It’s simple
Follow step 8 click on the option and choose to start writing a special note: Work only when available.
the groups closed and the pipes filled.

Comments [don’t forget to quit discussion later
chat with your friends. All files will be deleted.

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