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Plurox has opened a network to use key cryptocurrencies and protocols.

Updated July 18, 2019

Researchers discovered a piece of memory last year.
Each of the eight different components defines the circulation equipment accordingly.
For lack of a correct PRNP and SMB interface.

The author of Mers GCC, Kaspersky researcher, discovered the Plorox virus.
They think they see fish when they study.

Plurox communicates through its C2 server and receives orders
TCP software is part of a system that tracks what goes wrong
Machine change: e.g. working
Kaspersky Basketball was announced on June 18 .

Kaspersky noted that he identified two sub-incidents during the investigation
Foreign activity first person to get cryptocurrency from time to time
Second, get reactors and expanders that use universal cables.
And run network and internet protocols, block server messages

Kaspersky said Autopoda had eight employees in Autoproka.
Auto_Maner, Auto_Pinkle_Amad, Auto_Gupio_Intel, Auto_GPU_Novida
Auto_gpu_cuda and Auto_gpu_amd. Suspicious software reports to a C2 server.
The victim’s car system settings have been restored
Information about eight plugins that can be downloaded

The obvious purpose of expansion of UPnP and SMB is to form granules in disease and tissue
Kosmanko spread like a worm, Kaspersky wrote, stating that the UPnP plugin was used to connect to the NSAS EternSilence.
When allocating SMB input through NSA hardware, use EternBlue

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