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Phone hijackers stole $ 100,000 from a San Diego woman from gift cards

Women in the North lost more than $ 100,000 in five days. The military said the thief took his money and computer fraud
As you have never seen before.

The 68-year-old was working on a computer at home when things went awry and said he had a computer virus. This gives the figure
It is compatible with Microsoft code and is compatible with code.

They seem to be good professionals, Coast Guard. John McKean said.

The hack on the other side of the phone was a panic and the perpetrator believed the hacker had entered his computer.
He stole money from an online bank. They asked him to buy a gift card to withdraw money from the bank
Money, like the daughter of a cheater.

The killers used debit and debit cards and went to a supermarket at Ocean Deskspot and Exodus Dominic Key and Not Stadium.
Buy a gift card. If the slave is surprised, the occupant will be with him by phone.

They tell you even if a store employee asks the scammer to agree. I know
“They help me.”

Oseat police said the poster on the back of the gift card was for scammers as they left the store.

There are websites where you can buy gift cards, you can go to the website of the genre that was created without anyone being able
to buy this gift.
McCain said the cards were pennies.

The victims lost $119,000 five days before Thanksgiving.

According to the victim’s daughter, the scammer believed that he could contact the bank and get the money.
It happens every day.

The cards are sold online and used in New York, Oregon, Washington and California.

McCain said spending time with people was clean and wise.

The bank is investigating the incident and expects the victims’ money to be recovered.

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