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So, if you are a Silk Road user or an employee, do not forget to enter your personal account number.
Personal info for yourself

If the NSA threat has Evitraps and Deciphers or a Silk Road, they have information.
Your name and password

How secure is this username and password? Does your password register information? Is that what you’re saying?
Can you use it for your email? Do you know your name? Always hold on to all these things

The next step you need to do is to use PGP encryption, which is when you interact with other users on sites like Silk Road.

PGP, tiles, virtual Gaza Strip
This is not always possible, for example, by visiting a website, filling out a form, opening an email. Letter and so on
Etc … Discover all the information you enter on the web with clear text.

Do not post anything important in any text.

BGP introduces an image because it has a powerful encryption method called cryptography.
PGP is responsible for good privacy and scripting, email. Emails, folders, folders and encryption, encryption and signing.
Fill in the sections and complete the email. Mail protection.

For most technical users, use hash sequencing, data compression, symmetric key cryptography, and finally combinations
Public key cryptography.

For low-tech users, the process for sending PGP messages is as follows.

Create a public key and public key.

A public key is the key you give to people who want to send confidential messages.

Your private key will be saved

This is the only lock to open a key lock in front of your public key.

If in doubt, remember this.

Think of the kitchen as it will leave you alone with the boxes made for you.

Someone can replace the lock for you, but you only have to unlock it.

If the sender of the message has a key in the lock box, they can’t unlock it.

This is from the person who has the key.

If you want to reply to this person, you must use their social keys to send the message.

They use private keys to protect their messages.

If you’re with me, I’m glad I didn’t miss you.

This is called encryption and is designed so that no one can access your email. Mail cannot share data without it.
The key is the key.

Even if you lose your personal key, there is no way to recover it.

You do not remember this knowledge forever

How do you use PGP?

Before we do that, we run the Pry PGP automatic encryption software package.
It’s very simple

An auto-start program is a device that runs in the current manual.

So there are two options for Windows users.

Start a new computer, connect it to a CD or DVD, and then remove the computer from the DVD or CD.

This allows you to work as if you have this feature installed on your computer.

But if you delete a CD or DVD and restart the computer, the computer will turn on.

You can use this procedure with a USB drive.

Second, you can run this operating system as a virtual block.

The advantage is that you can start Windows at the same time you can easily start and run another operating system.
Between and before them without turning on the computer.

Both behaviors have advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of a bootable CD is that it reduces the risk of viruses, malware and its catch on your computer.
Hashler to run on Windows vulnerabilities.

Boxes are available
If you are using an operating system from Virtual Box, I recommend downloading Virtual Box from Oracle.

Tiles are available on these websites.


The reason I choose tiles is that they have so many safety features that you should be careful before installing them.

Some users are not happy with their tails, but they are a good operating system and full of safety features.

I’ll talk more about security, including PGP codes and ambiguities.

Be sure to download the ISO Transparent file from the official website and you can download or save it in the Available box.
Run your computer from this device to a DVD or USB device

There are lots of tutorials for putting someone in the box, so I don’t have to give too much information to make it work.
Box cables and USB drives or SD cards are available

However, we recommend USB devices for the reasons outlined below.

But in fact, when a normal box runs directly on a hard drive, it creates a temporary “hard drive”.
The hard drive is waiting for the queue to work

You can clean the car from the tail. But it’s not always clean

As you can see from the Restore Toolkit to delete deleted files, you can easily restore them with the help of the right hardware.

I’ll talk about how to save files using the Data Retrieval tool in future records, but for now you just need to leave the fields
and go ahead.
Turn off the hard drive and insert it into the USB drive or SD card.

The same thing happens when your computer is parked directly on the DVD from a DVD or USB drive.

The hard drive will be used to store the files used by the parties, so make sure that all saved or downloaded files are ready.
USB stick or SD card, otherwise it will be rearranged.

Therefore, I want to use a virtual box and play virtual boxes and pieces from a USB drive.

Restart everything except the virtual disk.

Files can be deleted and replaced, but this is easy to do with a 16 GB hard drive, so 1 TB is hard.

Post it, go back to the topic and start writing about how to use PGP.

I want to update this technique because we use these types in many graphs here.

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