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Operation Target has hijacked more than 3,000 devices on the Dark Web site

darknet Operation Target has hijacked more than 3,000 devices on the Dark Web site
Darknet Operation Target has hijacked more than 3,000 devices on the Dark Web site

The operational process, conducted in 2015 by the National Guard, succeeded in reducing the arms trade.
A crime on the dark web. The black market seized more than three hundred attacks and weapons on the online market.
The suspects were arrested, some convicted.

In our arms
As part of the regiment, the headquarters consisted of 2,100 soldiers.
Handed over to a drug dealer and drug dealer and residents of the famous Euro, Gizzini
This is explained by Carolillo Fernando, the head of the Asturias’ intelligence service.

Soldiers and military personnel controlling arms control in Spain.
The traditional management system (PICAF) was introduced in 2015. 322 Then the system is started on the right foot.
Web tools are powerful and work perfectly by adding hidden scanners. From the beginning, a
3,050 unarmed weapons found, 295 protesters arrested

Spain is known worldwide for money laundering and its presence is passable.
The attackers remained in control. However, network data is unclear and usable
This financial system looks strange. Weapons are already online on the black market.

The group has re-established links between drug trafficking, armed conflict and terrorism.
Special problems. It has been revealed that there is a lot of criminal talk and activity on the black internet
Payments are made in cryptocurrency, both of which are unknown and are subject to legal control.
Investigative bodies.

Surprisingly, weapons of war are modern and come from different parts of the world. But most of them are
Israel and the Soviet State are creating and we think they stole because there are a few soldiers there, Captain Carillo said.
Personal weapons,
Some weapons are assault rifles, AK rifles, shotguns and platforms that can fire at speeds of more than a hundred revolutions per
Categories are included. They sell on the black market online for between 1,500 and 2,100 euros.

Four prisoners study the world up in Torlvaga and Asturias, Madrid.
The same criminal group. He was charged with aggravated theft and possession of a firearm

Gainisov is suspected of paying extra for a firearm license after domestic violence
crime. It allows you to work in the arms trade in order to maintain, upgrade and collect weapons. He was arrested
His home has more than 200 weapons, including 183 insurgents and pistols.

Torrelav prisoner runs an illegal shop buys equipment in Madrid sells it online
Even with people who do not have proper documentation. Three suspects have been convicted.

Armed criminals are said to be sending messages through built-in platforms.
Investigators began searching for illegal weapons by analyzing the type, origin, and existence of the weapon
Works In March, a number of Spanish instruments (1914) were used in various ways. They are attacking
Member of the French gendarmes Treb.

Golddale’s operation was successful, dangerous, controlled, controlled, and reduced.
Drug dealers and ignoramuses, especially on vehicles used off the coast of Spain.

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darknet Great for the safety and security of the phone

Great for the safety and security of the phone

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