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Operation Golalde Flu has more than 3000 weapons aimed at the black grid

darknet Operation Golalde Flu has more than 3000 weapons aimed at the black grid
Darknet Operation Golalde Flu has more than 3000 weapons aimed at the black grid

The gold expedition launched by the Civil Defense Force in 201 Defense was a huge success in destroying the armed trade and
Criminals in the red web. More than 3000 high gloves have forgotten sales guarantees in the online market
Several suspects were convicted.

Dark website
The operation was performed by the Civil Defense Intelligence Service after only 2,100 handfuls were found on the Internet.
Euro for gay citizens, celebrities, famous consumers and heroin, drug dealers, champions
Carillo Fernando, Astoria’s information manager, explained.

Integration of the executive group and the armed forces, the civil defense forces to control weapons in Spain.
In 201 I, they introduced the Comprehensive Weapons Management Plan (PCEAF). After 322, the actions started in the right
He used a useful and fully functional networking tool along with four arrests in secret interrogation. Since startup
A total of 3,050 armed weapons were seized and 295 suspects were arrested.

Spain is known for its illegal weapons laws and their presence or access.
Illegal weapons are still under control. Network darts and virtual information
It looks like the currency will weaken this control. This tool is now available on Red Networks in unknown markets.

He has set up working groups on drug trafficking, seizure and terrorist groups.
Serious problems. It was found that most of the links between crime and accidents occur in the dark.
Payments are made in cryptocurrency, they are not all that known and cause major problems in the negotiation process.
Their research institute.

Knowing that these weapons are technically, they come from different countries. But most of them
“Israel is a Soviet state and we think some of them are being tricked,” Carlo said.
Weapons, AK47 47 rifles, automatic rifles and more can be fired at 100 rounds per minute on the other.
The group was arrested. It is sold in the black market for 150,000 to 2,100 euros.

The investigation is currently investigating the possibility of four inmates working in Torrelega and Asturias, Madrid.
The same criminal organization. He is accused of stealing and armed robbery

The suspect is accused of using a modified weapons license following a domestic violence incident.
Seriously he works on the roof to repair, maintain and store weapons. He was not arrested
His house has more than 200 firearms, including 1,183 terrorists and guns.

Torrelava Prison conducts illegal arms training, arms purchases and sales on a black website in Madrid
Without proper documentation and licenses. Three suspects are wanted.

Police reported criminals through anonymous sites and encrypted messages. And
Investigators are tracking illegal weapons by analyzing the nature, origin and possession of weapons used in crime.
.Exercises. In the book, the newly discovered weapon (1914) was used in various crimes, including the March attack.
Members of the French gendarmerie on the table.

The success of the coalition is the control, control and reduction of dangerous and illegal weapons.
Jihadists off the coast of Spain are predominantly at risk of drug trafficking and abuse.

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