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Operation Goalde has more than 2,000 weapons for the Black Internet

darknet Operation Goalde has more than 2,000 weapons for the Black Internet
Darknet Operation Goalde has more than 2,000 weapons for the Black Internet

Gorard, launched by Private Shield in 2015, said it was a comprehensive and structured approach aimed at restricting arms sales.
3,000 rifles and 3,000 rifles were seized for sale on the Internet in dark markets.
The suspects were arrested and convicted.

Dark things
1,100 automated sites on the Internet have discovered the Public Defender’s Privacy Act.
Addicted to drugs, he is the captain of the Euro-site for drugs and human trafficking.
The statement was made by Astorian President Carillo Fernando.

The organization conducts research in collaboration with trade unions in Spain
The Weekly Cooperation Program (PICAF) will start in 2015. After 322 years of work, he passed with his right foot.
Four people have been arrested six times for robbery and robotic weapons. Since its inception
3,050 explosives were seized and 295 suspects were arrested.

It is known that the use of weapons is banned in Spain and is available worldwide.
He currently has an illegal weapon. But there are advantages to using red and blue colors and scenery
This control is very weak during shooting. Secrets cannot be found in many online stores.

Creates a group related to drug policy, arms trafficking and terrorist groups
The main problem was that many crimes and communications took place in the dark
Payment is often unknown and is a major obstacle for law enforcement
Agent for your request.

Surprisingly, the weapons are modern and world-class. But there are many
According to Captain Carillo, Israel and the Soviet Union, we suspect that some were abducted for military knowledge. Small hands
Automatic firearms, AK-47s, pistols and machine guns, including firearms, fire more than 600 minutes per minute.
Societies are accepted. It is sold in the dark for 1500-2100 euros.

He is currently exploring the possibilities of four prisoners working in Torellavega and Asturias
Criminal association. He is accused of selling illegal weapons and ammunition
He was shot.

Gijn is accused of revoking his firearms license after domestic violence
The aggressor warehouse is licensed to operate in the workplace and provides repair and ammunition services. They caught
He has more than 200 weapons in his house, 183 of which are armed with pistols.

The prisoners in Torrelevega bought a firearm in Madrid and set up a military base.
And there is no guarantee or authority. Three of the four children were confirmed.

Sex offenders are known to speak through obscene documents and hidden messages. Production.
The police are investigating the type, origin and origin of the weapon used in the crime.
Interesting. In Spain, some of the main detainees related to high-profile crimes were arrested on Wednesday.
A member of a French company in Trebs.

Golla’s performance has been demonstrated in his ability to use dangerous, non-lethal weapons.
Especially along the coast, where Spanish criminals and terrorists are known.

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