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Operation Canadian Rhino police are investigating over $ 6 million in pills, weapons, and drugs found in the N.L.

Newfoundland and Labrador, where police find the drugstore.

The Royal State of Newfoundland held a press conference with Johns to provide information and to show his work on the project.
Rhino took over three houses in Penina Avalon.

In addition to most drugs, there are 700 grams of cannabis and 1000 grams of cannabis.
According to the RNC, the movement speed is more than 6 million dollars.

Police confiscated more than $ 180,000, six guns and two small arms.

Extraordinary Tom Warren said the plant began research in September 2019 after increasing drug-related activities.

Researchers believe that there is a company that makes candles for general pills
“Our community,” Warren said.

The cooperation of our officials is a strong sign that such activities have no place in our society.

A complete Canadian institution
All three have been arrested and released. Warren said the charges are still being prosecuted, although no charges have been filed
since Thursday.

He said traffic was national and RFMP members should be thanked through Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and the United
Saturday B, Regional Police in Columbia and Ontario.

Warren said: “I think the organizational crime group I meet is a little complicated, but they don’t have a partner.
Not from our province, but from Canada.

Warren says printer pills are pushing the limits for drug addicts in the state
A hazardous substance such as fenthanol. The printer can produce up to 20000 tablets per hour and seems to have been purchased
It’s dark red, Warren said.

No RNC inspection believes the operation was carried out in Reno St. Louis. John had nothing to do with any other police
In recent weeks, Fentanyl has been surrounded by Camp Craigler Street or James Cree on Campley Street.

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Polish Polish police seized cigarettes from N.L. worth $ 1 million.

Canadian rhino police task seize $ 6 million in pills, guns and drugs in New York