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NSW Oil pays a premium for its role in international affairs

An Australian man was arrested for assaulting a drug smuggler.
Medicinal fruit advertising
Charges filed with South Wales Police. After several arrests in the pack, the suspects were arrested and 45 charges.
Allegations of drug distribution, screening and theft.

Dark drug traffickers
[2018 February
Investigators from the Argelia Suburban Police Department prepared a platoon from Bergmark to respond to the floods.
The drug packs are for pharmaceutical partners. The Australian Federal Police were involved in the operation
The U.S. is dominated by Australian border forces, state crimes, and numerous local police forces. Law enforcement
Odin officials also provided assistance, the statement said.

[Australian border
Recognizing their drug detection capabilities, Foresa enforcement forces monitored dozens of drug packages from across Europe.
Address throughout Australia. The packaging is from South Wales, Western Australia and Australia
South Australia. Contains methamphetamine, MDMA, cocaine and ketamine. After the law, after the examination
They first took a pound of ETC tablets, a pound of ketamine, at least five liters of MDMA fluid, 800 grams
MDMA was crystallized: half a pound and half a pound of cocaine.

Use memory tools
Much of the information in the press release was consistent with the press release following the two international arrests.
Dark workers during a federal police operation in Australia. The operation was aimed at international suppliers of darkness
These ecstasy tablets, MDMA, ketamine and cocaine are sold. The searches were performed by giving two searches
NSV drugs are actually cannabis and testosterone, but men are accused of selling them.
Medications (or hormones):

Two retailers sold large quantities of ecstatic tablets. Readers remember the highest statue
Lamborghini Gallard crashed during one of the attacks. Although the Ga Guard is located at the bottom of the face
Lamborghini (and similar to sports cars) hated by dark-skinned manufacturers rarely owned such an expensive car. It does not
Though traders who were attacked by force forced Bergmark to make less money.

While looking for a 33-year-old home, the police found USD 70,000 in cash and USD 350,000
Cryptocurrency. Jewelry, cell phones and computers were also seized. After transfer to Wejverli police
The station was charged with 45 border-controlled imports and drugs, and organized criminal organizations.
The crime continued and the police issued another search warrant of an unknown location and claimed they had seized some
Related to the financial activities of the group.

Earlier this year, police arrested a man associated with the same drug union. This is Manalso, 33 years old
In progress. The police denied the allegations and asked him to wait.
Next interrogation behind bars.

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