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Nintendo Cryptomel Malware affects 50,000 servers

darknet Nintendo Cryptomel Malware affects 50,000 servers
Darknet Nintendo Cryptomel Malware affects 50,000 servers

Filed July 18, 2019

A failed cryptocurrency campaign called Nansh0u targeted and damaged up to 50 MMS-SQL servers and PHPMyAdmin servers.
All over the world

Guardian researchers launched an online program from May 26 to April 11 this year.
[Also called someone else
Typically, cryptocurrency attacks include the use of fraudulent documents and the use of customer fraud.

When the first attack was discovered, all three were real IPs.
VolumeDrive, from South Africa, was occupied by ISD. Play hard,
The incident illustrates such an attack.
Use the same method and measure and in between measurements

The researchers studied the cost of burning 20 after the accident
Start paying once a week and use it right away
Companies are speculating on the duration of the attack
Health, communication, marketing, IT components.

When adjusted to function, it affects stability
Malicious software has been detected to set up and launch cryptocurrency
Smart machines shut down the root of the malware

The attackers also attacked the FMS. Follow files
Different colors
Growing both ways is essential for success
Infections on MS-SQL servers, including scan scanners and MS-SQL
Check out power tools and usage tips.

Other benefits also threatened
Payment configurations include root software, kernel miners, and operators
Show how everyone opposes the desire to be a government b
Use sophisticated equipment.

A clear IP address will encourage this competition
Until the encryption machine is downloaded and the cryptocurrency is loaded
The researchers say in the article. There are many shortcomings and mistakes
This operation has not been fully tested.

One error is that two versions of the lcn.exe file are not the same
The bar was hauled by the same mine, but there was a change
Command line argument. That means he was sent first
Researchers say the title is in the wrong place. .

Disappointed, the researcher called his ISP
For example, allow server documentation and rootkit attacks.
The path removes bad servers and documents

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