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Nhanshu cryptocurrency malware kills 50,000 servers

darknet Nhanshu cryptocurrency malware kills 50,000 servers
Darknet Nhanshu cryptocurrency malware kills 50,000 servers

Updated on July 18, 2019

Cryptographic mines have soaked phones from 0 to 50,000 targets and affected Windows MS SQL servers and PHPMI servers.
whole world

The Garico research project was published in a blog post between May 29, February 26 and April 11.
[And they explained it to him
Cryptocurrency attacks generally use customized documents and also help in profitability.

When the attack was first identified, all three sources had an IP address
Born in South Africa and performing with CD Dr. Internet provider. also,
The event divided the resurrection
The following activities are undertaken in the service with the same violations and compromises

The researchers received 20 types of payments and announced new ones
Payments are made at least once a week and are used immediately
Targeting companies across the country takes time
Health, telephone, telecommunications and information technology.

Because the server is stored, the target server is closed
Poor compensation for injury
Rootkit is a basic and modern method of antivirus protection

All files are run on the HTTP file server hosted by the attacker server.
In different ways
The construction of infrastructure units is not necessary for success.
Recent attacks on MS-SQL servers, including theater and MS-SQL
Ask for a device and a phone number.

The player also used the threat to certain areas of his pursuer
The benefits are in basic form like mine and rootkitk rootkit as well as containers
This shows that the striker should not be a national team
Use heavy weights.

This campaign is clearly made with concepts from the IP section
He won a silver medal until the victim’s car was ready
Researchers wrote an article. However, there are many types and disadvantages
said it was not very good.

One of the errors is an error in both versions of lcn.exe
all manage the same miners and change bookings
arguments on the command line. This means that it was sent first
Investigators say the wallet’s address is fake. .

Fortunately, the researchers contacted the host reporter
Attack the server using this authentication
The cause of the malicious server has been established and a certificate has been issued
does not change.

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