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New Zealand New pedophiles from Auckland admit to trying to buy girls from a black website

A man in Auckland admitted that he tried to buy a “dark black” girl for 7-15,000 dollars.

Due to the harsh system of repression used in the media, a person’s name, profession and other information are excluded.

They prevented the media from arresting officials working in the area for covert theft.
Internal Affairs (DIA).

A man in Partway has filed a lawsuit in Auckland District Court.

He pleaded guilty to a stronger attack and more than 184 attacks.

Judge Alan Roberts will hear the case on Friday and the case will be heard in September.

According to court documents, the man was arrested by CIA agents via the Internet.

The delegation was able to get in touch with the 7-year-old girl via the online name Kefindin.

So far, the driver has been able to offer a hotel where the KVPD can meet the girl.

But until the agencies used surveillance technology to surprise them, the exact identity of Kiwi Pedo was not immediately clear.

They found 417 pictures on a hard drive when the children were sexually assaulted using a search engine.

The only black market on the Internet of the same name was a silky hard drive.
Malaria Fasca.

The research encouraged private research by American independent consumers and equipment, people, weapons.
Even drugs and murder.

There are two folders in a special program called Child Porno and Pornography.
He understood

A hidden dossier with lots of money bills, smoking, childcare in the coming weeks
And much more on the web.

One file contains several research terms related to child abuse in court proceedings.

The court heard that this could be a list of search terms deleted for dark users.

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