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New types of fraud target financial groups in the UK

New Solution Scheme with HTML Server
The basis for the Black Cold Attack is the use of organic matter.
The user will receive an email from A.
The image of a website is user sensitive
Personal information.

These types of scams mainly use SHTML files.
JavaScript code using custom URL has an appendix
Hide and search from users

Staff at the Adventure Simulation Center arrived in early April
Tomas Kojem, Director of Jayesh Industry
Mimecast responded that it could fix an app that looked flawless
Suspicious users of bad websites may not have this feature.
Modern technology, but very important for large companies
Pumps are also easy to use, which is a big problem for the organization.
Everyone is trying to save their system.

Cross-breeding with these traditional species is common in the UK (55).
Percentage Australia (31%) and South Africa (11%)
Mainly Economics, Accounting and Higher Education
The Mimcast team is aware of the major risks involved in generating code.
This verifies the email with any specific SHTML
This means that Mimecasts has a gateway to identify and access all emails.
Those who use special customers within two months
Security: More than 100,000 secure users.
This deceptive attack saved them from financial loss.

No vacancy
The attack shows an increase in noise
There are many issues that remain unresolved in the future. It should not be allowed
Save your money from risk and prevent it from entering
If you know about it and believe it, send an email
Agreed. Of course, Kozam advises them to follow the laws of the land
Ignore it, come out, explain. It is also recommended for large companies
Teach every employee to check their email
It came in a box

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