New Phishing Scam Targets Users of Payment Processor Stripe

New Phishing Scam Targets Users of Payment Processor Stripe 1

The Fischers have developed a new organization that specializes in customers of Internet payment processing company Stripe, their main task is to steal money and learn customer credit card data.

Criminals use two methods to hide their crimes. The first method is to send a malicious link to mail. After stealing victims ‘credentials, they use the fake login error message as a hidden way to bring them back to the legitimate Stripe website.

Researchers of the Center for Protection against Phishing and Hackers Cofense recently solved phishing crime and revealed it in a blog on October 17, described the situation analytic ugrosis Milo S.

Phishing messages were apparently a warning from Stripe Technical Support, which warned customers that some of the information associated with their account was invalid. Recipients were advised to solve the problems as soon as possible.

‘It ‘s a 100% cause for panic among businesses that only use on online payments. Fear and urgency of decision-making are the most common emotions played by criminals, “Salvia said in a post on her online blog.

The email also had a View Details button, which when clicked sends users to the site a Stripe-like deception. Unfortunately, cautious recipients who hover over a button before clicking won ‘t see a malicious hyperlink assignment.

“The true purpose of this hyperlink was hidden in the addition of a simple title to the < a > HTML tag, which shows a person the” View Details “heading when the user pointed the mouse over a button rather than a URL. Potentially it ‘s a tactic to disguise a true destination… ” Salvia writes about it.

A phishing site consists of three different pages. The former searches for the victims ’email address and password, the latter asks for a bank account number and phone number. The third page looks like the original login page, but the message “Incorrect password, enter again.” When victims re-enter their credentials thinking something has gone wrong, they actually head to the real Stripe website to reduce the likelihood of them becoming suspicious.

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