New Method – Apple’s ‘Find My’ Tracks Your iPhone Even When It’s Offline

New Method – Apple’s ‘Find My’ Tracks Your iPhone Even When It’s Offline 1

As rumours suggest, Apple has merged its apps into a new “Find Mine” app. The new Find Mine app uses Bluetooth signals from nearby Apple devices to track your device without any cellular network connection.

Craig Federigi described the app and its operation at WWDC 2019, he reported that the app uses a mechanism of “end-to-end encryption and complete anonymity,” it ensures that no one but you can track the device and even Apple can identify its location.

Developers have noticed that two Apple devices are required to work offline iOS Apple 13 in FindMy mode. The second device will store a secret key to track the location of the lost device.

How does Offline tracking work?

Apple explained how the app is deploying a sophisticated cryptographic technique that includes a permanent Bluetooth signal. These signals contain an ever-changing encryption key that is captured by nearby Apple devices to encrypt and download your geolocation onto Apple servers.

However, the location data can only be decrypted by your second device as only it has the keys to decrypt it.

Since the public key is frequently “rotating,” it is virtually impossible for anyone to intercept the Bluetooth signals and track your location.

If someone steals your iPhone and puts it in Airplane mode. The device iOS will continuously radiate the key through Bluetooth. Any adjacent device iOS or macOS will sense this signal and encrypt its location data using a public key emitted in Bluetooth signals. The public key does not contain a personal ID that can be used to track the owner of the device.

Another device iPhone or macOS will load the location of the iPhone key. Since only your second device has a secret key to decrypt the location, no one else can track it – not even Apple.

However, the second device will not have the same public key as your iPhone because it is constantly updated. Apple did not disclose how this would work, but it is possible that all previous public keys could be published and then Apple could apply the algorithm to obtain the previous location of the lost device.

It is the difficult mechanism, but if Apple is possible to create successfully it, then it can become an excellent method of tracking of arrangement offline – devices, at the same time guaranteeing that confidentiality of users will remain anonymous.

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