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Nesh0u’s Macquarie cryptocurrencies affect 50,000 servers

darknet Nesh0u's Macquarie cryptocurrencies affect 50,000 servers
Darknet Nesh0u's Macquarie cryptocurrencies affect 50,000 servers

Updated July 18, 2019

Windows MS-SQL and PHPMyAdmin servers are targeted and infected up to 50,000.
Whole world.

The campaign, which runs from February 26 to April 11 this year, was launched on May 29 at the Gardikor investigating officer.
[Described as more than one
Concealed attacks often occur for the purpose of using false power and exercising high rights.

All three of them had their original IP addresses as soon as they saw the attack
Launched in South Africa and launched by VolumeDrive ISP. Besides,
The incident focused on the same case and with the offending procedure
Use the only methods that can be rejected and post-compromise measures

Researchers found and reported 20 types of negative income
Loads were made at least once a week and then used
Time to attack other companies
Health, Media Communication, Media and Information Technology.

The change of service affects the hospitality industry
The loss of payments was offset by the revelation of cryptocurrencies
The latest version of the root can protect malware
Game over.

All HFS Servers [HTTP Files)
They, Variety
Improvement includes all the components you need to succeed.
Recent attacks on MS-SQL server (including file scanner, MS-SQL)
Power supply and external product manufacturing rules.

Lawyers for violence also use some other means to improve their rights
The workload includes the driver, including the root and my tools and position section
They have shown all sorts of ways to prevent invaders from entering the state
Use powerful weapons.

This campaign was clearly created by an IP analyst
As long as the infection of the victim’s machine and cryptocurrency can be threatened,
The investigating officer said in a statement. There are many types and limitations
These works do not prove well.

One of the worst things was the inconsistency between the two versions of lcn.exe
Both were children, but some were replaced
The concept of direction. He said he had donated before
Researchers say the title of the stock is incorrect. .

Fortunately, the researchers got in touch with the restaurant sponsor
Both attackers are servants and witnesses who are rooted
Remove the malicious server and get the certificate

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