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Nansh0u Livestock Market has 50,000 servers

darknet Nansh0u Livestock Market has 50,000 servers
Darknet Nansh0u Livestock Market has 50,000 servers

Updated July 18, 2019

Targets and infections with up to 10,000 Norsh0u-based cryptographic systems, up to 10,000 HPS-cryptographic cryptographic
systems, and up to 10,000 PHPMyAdmin servers.
The whole world.

On May 29, Guardicore researchers published their blog, running from February 26 to April this year.
And describes it in more detail
Occasional attacks due to the use and obtaining of highly issued certificates.

At the first attack, find the IP address created by all three
Originally from South Africa and hosted by VolumeDrive. Moreover
Cases have the same type of attack in both directions
Criminal law operations and enforcement;

Investigators checked 20 versions of the malicious fee and claimed it was new
Charges are generated at least once a week and are used immediately
They spent time on the attack
Healthcare, telecommunications, media and computers.

when the server is at risk, the target server is infected
Malicious load that can be entered and installed in cryptocurrency
Sophisticated kernel rootkit mode to remove malware

All attacked servers had HFS [HTTP files on the server
Different types of documents
The infrastructure includes all the modules needed for success,
Full MS-SKL server attack, including port scanner, MS-SKL
Forced tool and remote code executor.

Threat actors increase the use of multiple privileges
It is loaded with small drop-down menus and root kits and kernel modems
And they all show that attackers should not become members of nation states
Use higher weapons

This campaign is clearly created by the IPS project.
If the injured person’s device receives an appropriate mark
The researchers said in the text. However, there are different species and insects.
It is a definite test.

Both versions of lcn.exe are a common error.
Both prizes won by the same ore. But in one file
Sign the argument This indicates that it will be released first.
Site management is in critical condition, the researchers said. Living room in Czech conversation

Fortunately, researchers contacted the service provider.
Go to the attack server and issue the root certificate.
The amount of revocation and the certificate is incorrect.

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