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Nansh0u Cryptomining kills more than 50,000 servers

July 18, 2019 update

Open Cryptocurrency Mate is a Nansh0u destination for 50,000 Windows MS-SQL and PHPMyAdmin servers.
in the world.

Galicol researchers published their project, from February 26 to April 11 this year, according to their blog on May 29.
The numerous attacks on cryptocurrencies have been to counter aggressive applications and increase profits.

Upon seeing the attack first, these three provided an IP Address
Posted in South Africa and approved by VolumeDrive’s ISP. Also
This experience is another experience
Use and termination of services and other criminal offenses

Researchers found 20 unique and innovative products.
The Side Option is done at least once a week and is activated.
They need time to attack them.
Health, communication, information processing and information technology

Once the target was attacked, the target audience was affected.
Negative expenses reduce capital and accessibility.
The roots of a weakened soil prevent a sense of innocence

Server role [The specified HTTP file servers are operated
Different and so on
The structure contains all the components needed to succeed.
Common attacks on MS-SQL servers, including Khan-SQL port readers
Brute Secondary Tools and Remote Code Inputs

The participant risks using other parameters.
Remove rootkit drivers, deminers, and pyramid mode drivers
All of this shows that journalists are not actors in any country.
Use busy hands

When the IP address is scanned, the campaign turns on
As long as infected and encrypted machines are not blocked,
The article is by researchers. But there are many signs and mistakes
This is not a fully tested operation.

One of the drawbacks is the inconsistency between the two versions of lcn.exe.
Both minerals are used the same, but the ingredients are sold
Command line argument. This shows that he failed at first
Researchers say the wallet address is incorrect. ..

Unfortunately, the researchers talked to the host provider
Server attacker and root sender
Get rid of malicious servers and get permission

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