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Nansh0u cryptocurrency malware destroys 50,000 servers

darknet Nansh0u cryptocurrency malware destroys 50,000 servers
Darknet Nansh0u cryptocurrency malware destroys 50,000 servers

Updated July 18, 2019

A malicious campaign by Nansh0u that crashes 50,000 Windows MS-SKL and PHPMiAdmin servers.
All around the world.

The researchers did not find a campaign that ran from May 29 to February 11 this year.
[Explained more than one thing
Cryptocurrency attacks often use fake documents and use additional features.

When the attack first appeared, the three were real IP addresses
She is from South Africa and accepts IRS VolumeDrive. In my application
The incident was the same attack and only attracted him
After making a decision on the implementation of the same tasks and procedures in violation of the rules and regulations

Investigators found 20 salary wages and recorded their updates
It is produced once a week and uses it immediately
Time is set for the future of the business
Health, information, media and IT

Once the server is complete, different servers will be saved
A terrible employee who lost and manipulated this cryptocurrency
Root channels to prevent creation

Attack server stores all HFS files
It’s different when they do it
Every school should have a comprehensive program;
Major attacks on MS-SQL L servers, including port scanners, MS-SQL L
Powerful tools and remote control.

The threat is also used in the threat protection laws for various purposes
It has many roots and mines, as well as operators
Not every process as an activist has to be capitalist
Use advanced weapons.

The emergence of this campaign begins with the IP scanning phase
If the victims and the machines are not washed,
In the memory of researchers. However, various communications and errors come into play
This is not a visible task.

An error occurred in both versions of lcn.exe
They all give money to the same miner, but they exchange
Proof of the command line. This indicates that he was the first to give
Investigators said the wallet address was incorrect. .

Fortunately, the researcher contacted the advertiser
The attack server is their authentic vendor
Server depression and potential certification
Ka .i installed.

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