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Nansh0u crypto malware kills 50,000 servers

It was celebrated on July 18, 2019

A cryptocurrency application called Nansh0u has been compromised and is affected by the 50,000 Windows MS-SQL and PHPMyAdmin
Around the world.

The researchers began the study on May 29. The blog was announced on February 26 and April 11 this year.
Explanation is easy
One way to activate cryptocurrency is to use certificates and increase profits.

Everyone has an conflicting IP address.
The first is from South America and is operated by VolumeDrive ISP. The Lake
Different objects have a value, dragged from left to left
Maintenance and use after work

Investigators found 20 versions of the charge and said it was new.
Cost is generated at least once a week and is used immediately.
It’s time to dump her and move on
Health, Telecommunications, Media and Information Technology.

If the server compromises, the destination server is infected
Malicious load that reduces and installs passwords
Improved equipment to protect against nuclear viruses

All attack servers require an HFS [HTTP file server
Different types
The infrastructure contains all the modules needed for success.
Completely attacks MS-SQL servers, including reading and MS-SQL ports
Beast Power Tools and External Code Manager.

Threats are often abused
The load includes the root program and the kernel
It shows you that the attacker does not have to be a national artist.
Use the tool to cut the edge.

This conflict has been created since the IP address was scanned
As long as the mind of the victims is not affected, the cost of encryption is better,
The scientist claimed this book. However, different types and errors are considered
These tests were irresponsible.

One of the errors is the weakness between the two versions of lcn.exe
Adjust the weights carried by the same camera but the opposite
The command line argument suggests the previous article is sour
According to the researchers, the launch of the banks is in poor health.

Fortunately, scientists spoke to the manufacturer
Configure the rootkit server and certificate issuer
They lead to the deletion of malicious servers and certificates
Try it out

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