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More about the Flipboard account

darknet More about the Flipboard account
Darknet More about the Flipboard account

The popular Flipboard report states that its data contains other users’ accounts
He shouts slogans without permission. Download information may be available for 9 months and ends on April 22
The certificate was disclosed in an email sent to all Flipboard users in Palo Alto, California. Identify safety accidents
The violation was posted on the Flipboard website. Number of victims
Based on maintenance standards, the company has recovered the passwords of about 150 million users.
Password protected.

In a statement [published on its website, Flipboard:

> We just found a way to explain something about ourselves
Other information about the Flipboard account,
This search is a financial confirmation for us
The investigation was launched immediately and a security company arrived
It is included in the help section. Know the results of the study
Access to copies of third parties and other persons
The data is based on Flipboard user data as of June 2, 2018
March 23, 2019 and April 21, 2019.

The company claims that hackers have gained access to some of them
Information about our account, including name, flapdon name,
Password, privacy and email security.

But that’s not the end of the story

> Even if users are logged into their Flipboard account
Then third party accounts, including social media
The database used to connect them may contain digital symbols
Flipboard account for this third party account. We found nothing
Proof that an unauthorized person can join a third party
Integrated with card card users. As a warning we have this
Change or delete all digital symbols.

Flipboard says that even though the violation did not affect all users’ accounts, it retains everyone’s password. digital
Characters used to link third-party services are also closed, changed or removed as needed.

The company alerted police to the incident and hired a security company to investigate the mistake.

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