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Mobile scammers stole $ 100 thousand from the witches of San Diego. In the form of gift cards

Sister Northwestern lost more than $ 100,000 in five days. Police at sea said the thieves had taken the money through fraudulent
Contrary to what they saw.

The victim, 68, was working on a computer at home when something happened and he said he had a virus. He gave me a number
When you add a number to Microsoft, type the number and dial it.

They look like a real, professional person, said Vice President John McCain.

At the other end of the call, the victim was convinced that cybercriminals could still use the computer.
Money was stolen from your online bank. We were told he had bought a gift card from the bank to raise money and was arrested for
According to the budget of the injured girl.

Users used their credit and debit cards to access the sea, the sources of Carlsbad and Scandido, Macy’s and Nordstrom.
Buy a gift card If the Chief writes, there is a telephone line with the cases.

They ask if a salesperson will tell you about it. Yes, I know you.
No one can help me, McCain said.

Summer police said that when they left the store, they read the last numbers of the card gifts.

There is a website where you can buy gift cards, access the Dark Web, in an unknown way, and people can buy these gifts.
Stucco for dogs, McCain said.

Just five days before Thanksgiving, the victim lost 11,000.

The victim said the scammers assured her that she was talking to the bank and could raise as much money as possible.
Spend every day.

Maps are sold online and used in New York, Oregon, Washington, and California.

They are smart and intelligent people who use the right and time, McCain said.

The bank is examining what happened and would have paid the money.

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