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Microsoft’s “Blue Pages” require users to stick to their products

Updated July 18, 2019

Microsoft made an important move by removing its security patch
[minutes ago
Close operating systems like Windows XP and Windows
At that time, the server was considered open in mid-May 2003
Older versions of Windows may have this weakness
Wipe your computer with Vanakry release for Windows Vista
2017. Updates are available weekly, but most systems are valid
Microsoft didn’t send it and Microsoft is confident it will take advantage of Bluechip
It is now in nature.

Microsoft took years to get rid of Windows XP support, and it did
Finally made in 2017. However, there are millions of computers
It runs XP, which is one of the most complex infrastructure
In a corporate environment where the new operating system is not working.

When Microsoft announced the repair, Microsoft decided to keep the error information
(CVE-2019-0708) Confidential. Incredible (now called)
Bluekeep) is practical and can spread to infected people
He also created a system like Vanakris. Microsoft does what it has to do
Something about Windows Remote Desktop. Windows 8
Both 10 and 10 are fully protected.

Scientists have found it easy to find
However, Bluekips does not see them as proof of conceptual code
Weakness is dangerous. But now Microsoft believes
Nature research begins. Wear a specially designed remote control
Developer can create complex numbers in a table environment
Computer. It can be used to detect malware, steal data and use it
Close the redemption plan.

> A
The security update CVE-2019-0708 was announced on May 14, 2019
However, recent reports have found that nearly a million computers are at risk
We also have shortcomings

Microsoft wants you to update all viruses as soon as possible.

Reply Security (@mfestecordson) May 31, 2019

Security experts estimate that there are about a million Windows windows
BlueKeep is directly vulnerable on the Internet. tin
Because the tip of the ice is affected by movement
This leads to an internal network of other worm systems.

From Simon
Baba, the director of Microsoft, responded to the incident
Everything changes the system to the latest fix. Windows 7 and Windows 7
The latest servers are updated automatically, but Windows
XP and Server 2003 need to be updated
Many of these systems can shut down automatically without updating
Finding New Shoes BlueKeep Creams Can Happen

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