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Microsoft invites BlueKeep users to patch

darknet Microsoft invites BlueKeep users to patch
Darknet Microsoft invites BlueKeep users to patch

Updated July 18, 2019

Microsoft has done something special to keep it safe
Operating systems such as Windows XP and
Server mid-May 2003. At that time, just announced
Older versions of Windows have security holes
Remove the computer with the same number as the Vancre payment program
The 2017 update takes a few weeks, but some packages are available
Microsoft is known as the most trusted and reliable error provider for extortion errors.
Now in the woods.

Microsoft took years to eliminate support for Windows XP
However, there are still millions of computers
CSR works and many of them are key
Around the company where the operating system is not working.

Explaining the information, Microsoft decided to follow the details
(CVE-2019-0708) Privacy. There was a problem (now known)
Bluechip) is a worm, so it can be spread to patients
This system is designed as a ventricle. Microsoft can say anything
Windows is related to the remote control on the desktop. Windows 8
Even so, he put it in the full 10.

Researchers make it easy to create scenes
However, BlueKip decided to give confidential evidence, for example
Uncertainty is very dangerous. But micro .ft is now convincing
Fauna Acquisition. Designed with Commercial Remote Control
Attackers may use private numbers to request desktop protocol (RDP).
Computer. It can be used for viruses, data theft and so on
Close the system while saving.

> A.
The security update of CVE-2018-0708 was released on May 14, 2019.
But recent public reports suggest that there are about a million computers.
Still in danger.

Microsoft strongly recommends that you upgrade all related systems immediately.

Security Response (ftmsftsecresponse) May 31, 2019

Experts estimate that there are about one million Windows boxes
Directly connected to the Internet via BlueKeep. Probably
Just be the tip of the iceberg, a sensitive car can behave like that
Internal network gateway with multiple operating systems.

Pope, Microsoft’s response manager, continues to encourage
Everything will update your system with the latest fixes. Windows 7 i
All new server operating systems are updated automatically, except Windows
XP and Server 2003 require manual upgrade
Many of these systems run on autopilot, and none are available
It can be inevitable to find a new label for BlueKeep cream

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