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Microsoft blames Russia’s STRONTIUM hacker for attacking IoT devices

darknet Microsoft blames Russia's STRONTIUM hacker for attacking IoT devices
Darknet Microsoft blames Russia's STRONTIUM hacker for attacking IoT devices

According to the blog, the government supports the Russian hacker group Strontii against the Internet of Things e-commerce
[Microsoft creates search results
The server is at risk.

April poll
There may be those who are looking for the scientific key of famous friends.
Internet tries to scare ordinary people and activists
Electronic devices (VoIP phones, hard copies, video decoders) are one of many applications.
Local, Microsoft security
Go to the logo in the middle.
It is reported that the vehicle is used in income
You can find the site and both have a password
Create a third party without changing the manufacturer’s password
For example, it does not affect new security measures.

Hackers used many tools
Find employment and access. At the expense of the owner
Good location, easy to find
Defendants are not allowed to find or operate a business
Banking services that provide access to valuable information.

Once you find this item online,% s
Local airport management and dedicated staff
He wants to reuse the metal frame to create continuity.
From one class to another.

The device is also connected
External designers and exporters (C2).

Even Microsoft researchers can do it
Note that strontium attacks are the result of the first attack,
I don’t know what’s better
Wisdom goes beyond that.

Saeed Steve Durbin, MD, Directorate of Information Security
Interesting smart device, the device is unknown
Designirar has no problem, so he offers several options for attackers.

In addition to the cost application
Usernames and passwords, and many IoT devices are already customers
Old and Business, it’s not a new security system
Chris Morals says:
Head of Vectra security services. This is the most important Internet device
There are no security standards or guidelines

Because the device is designed with unprotected thinking
However, in order to share information and distribute it at low prices,
The camera said the organizations were under threat. Go through the holes
Connect to a PC, it can be
Connected to a user network, it is a portal for non-smoking applications
He said the damage was caused by the homeowners maintenance.

Also more
Many IoT devices are also available to customers via computer users and passwords
An old software company that has never been updated
said Chris Morales
Head of Vectra Security Inspection. Access to the Internet of Things is key
Of course, there are no rules or guidelines.

The latest risks
The animation is displayed on the screen, and as we mentioned in a recent Microsoft report, things have been attacked on the
True and robust DDoS attacks are common
Its hard to deal with IoT robot networks getting bigger and stronger
It is very important to be a qualified citizen (change)
Password!), But most importantly: do not touch the camera.

Morales said so
There is also a high risk of Internet devices overheating
Commercial networks can become more important systems
Report on research on Microsoft Internet networks, such as printers and cameras
Even modern tools such as MRI scanners ensure computer security

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