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Members of the pedophilia gang have been sent to prisons around the world for 16 years.

Three citizens of Belgium, England, and the Netherlands have to answer in the Criminal Court of Dendermond of Belgium through
pictures and videos for children for many years. They also create new things and use them instead. For example, clothes are
created on the beach or in the pool. Five people encourage others to misuse children and send photos.

Most child pornography is compiled in Belgium. Nearly 1.2 million cases. Forty victims can be found. “Proud Child” presents
unidentified victims during the trial. The organization receives euros.

The first defendant It is a severe punishment. He was sentenced to one year in prison. But sentenced to 20 years

“This man is enthusiastic and interested in his children and his nudity to find men who can have sex,” said the decision. He is in
close contact with other defendants to feel normal, have more children, without denying pornography and using violence against
children. Principle: He is the leader and the most connected in the world. In addition, he misinterpreted his son and uncle and
deliberately revealed the harsh sexual interests of others.

S, described in the test. The other two are parties. And L.D. Sweden sentenced him to seven and five years in prison respectively.
They lost their political rights for many years.

33 year old computer repair agent and repairman, DJ. Hello. They need an explanation that they have a mental illness today.

Hello. Child pornography is called “librarian”. It holds tens of millions of pornographic files on your computer. During the
trial, he told the judge: I will continue to gather more and more.

According to his lawyer, the man suffers from depression, apathy, work habits and mania. But according to his lawyer, he is too
young. She currently lives in a treatment center.

& nbsp; The child focuses on civic action, gets angry in court and talks about the words “Lachshman”. Like all classes at the
college’s fifteen large libraries, these fifteen terabytes of images of child sexual abuse are, “Obviously. Fate brings
casualties. Then they are not cheap. “They’re taking their own lives.”

Focus Child continues, “Some sentences have already been returned and half of them are being used correctly.” Defendant may be
released immediately. Depending on the child’s concentration, the court should provide clear evidence of criticism, seek greater
punishment, and prosecute the perpetrators.

“Despite the complexity of the case and the great challenges of dealing with child sexual abuse, the researchers were able to make
such a big impression, but this statement actually undermines this difficult task,” said David Fox. “Surprisingly, the
perpetrators still have little or no information about this crime, because in some people they only insult children,” he said.
There is no change or cure.

Child Fox believes that people who are driven by emotions, fantasies or motivations and are unfamiliar with the court may receive
superior support. “We will continue to implement greater awareness and resources on Stop It Line with friends and at the same time
reach out to Children’s Aid in France, which offers comprehensive support to perpetrators and perpetrators.”

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