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Meetings and phones were used during the Google Calendar attack

darknet Meetings and phones were used during the Google Calendar attack
Darknet Meetings and phones were used during the Google Calendar attack

Updated July 18, 2019

Researchers are calling on Google Calendar technology to get calls and events.

Engineers are relatively simple: an intruder does it
Daily offer that includes a link to the hijacking URL
Sent to Gmail or G Suite users. Smartphone as default
Gmail automatically adds events to your calendar and notifies the user
Through the window. If users click on the link, they will be redirected to a phishing site.
Or download malware directly. It looks like a popup
Increase customer confidence in the trusted Google Calendar app
Contact them and additional Gmail email filters will appear on the page
Also correlation.

Researcher Kaspersky said cybercriminals are targeting an unwanted daily offer that involves a link to a kidnapping address.
Maria Vergela on her latest blog
[Design a window
The call message appears on the smartphone screen, and the recipient is encouraged to click the link. it
Therefore, victims should write credit card information on the site and add their personal information, i.e.
Send permanently directly.

Kaspersky researchers found an example of a fake search
and explain that it will be rewarded
or transfer your money.

Naaman Hart, Cloud Security Manager,
According to SC Media UK, the news is about the general: it is linked to the strike
we also take into account security after customer satisfaction
installer In this case, Google wants to force us
Focusing on someone makes us work harder when we find the answers
a phone call. Pain is seen as a threshold for all
In the meantime, requests and notices require our attention
I’m sorry. Imagine how angry you would be if someone followed you
Do you want to ask?

Users need different ways to control how applications interact with one another
The set-up time should be shorter for us with automatic alarms
this does not have to be from someone else. This brings additional benefits to improving your working life
Stability reduces emotions and equations. This is clear evidence
Regular monitoring of your smart phone is very dangerous for you
sleep and recover.

Boris Tsipot, chief security officer at the conference, warned of this
It is important to be careful when working with reliable systems.
Ask for each email address and you will receive an invitation. Yes
Ask the caller if it sounds different, incorrect, or different
If it is actually exported, do not click on the next line or link
Promise and advertise with a “sign” sign
translation, virus URLs are invalid, etc. If in doubt, delete it. not
According to Kaspersky, in this case, the default is not your friend
so don’t just add an invitation to History
the calendar, but it should be read carefully and should not add anything else
electricity fishing.

Google Terms of Service and Google Terms of Service
Product policies have stopped sending malicious content
Serve and work hard to ensure protection and look to the future
Reports The useless battle is an endless fight
A million better people sometimes get spam.

Our efforts to protect all users from unwanted messages:
We provide users with the ability to scan content to image for unwanted content
Mention unwanted content on your Google Drive calendar and Google Photos
Unwanted users cannot interact with Hangout. Except for us
Provide security for users of known notifications.
URL through Google search filter

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