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Mart’s dream trap was sentenced to 40 years ago in prison

darknet Mart's dream trap was sentenced to 40 years ago in prison
Darknet Mart's dream trap was sentenced to 40 years ago in prison

Merced Ca, cocaine-based cocaine, methamphetamine,
Marijuana, USA various online dark market accounts. This was demonstrated by the Minister for Justice. United States

Javier Monson, 32, and her partner Saudia Monson, 39, were arrested in the United States. He was arrested by postal services on
January 17. United States

From July 2018 to January this year
Monsoon are Ason Tuo Madis, Trap Mart and
Towards Dunk’s house on the Dream Market Dark Web Market
Press communication.

Jabari Mons was convicted of conspiracy
Expensive materials have been under surveillance for over 5 to 40 years
Prison with a fine of 5 million.

Saudi Monson pleaded guilty
Postal and Internet Travel Act
Components and five years in prison, $ 250,000
Good job

The couple agreed to lose revenue from the drug program, including bitcoins and cash.

The case is being investigated by the ministry
Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Homeland Security
US Postal Service.

The defendants are expected to return to court in November to plead guilty. Jabari Monson was sentenced to a maximum of 40 years
A fine of at least five years in prison and a $ 5 million fine. Saudi Monson is the highest legal
Five years in prison and a $ 250,000 fine.

general information

> SACRAMENTO, California. California-based Mercedes Jabari Monson is responsible for the conspiracy to turn things upside down.
cars and 39-year-old Medon Sedia also transport, mail and mail
McGregor W. Scott, American lawyer, Internet of Things.

According to court documents, Jabari Monson and Saudi Monson worked with various investors from July 2018 to January 2019.
Chocolate sells cocaine, cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana on the Dream Market market.

Based on the agreement, the parties accepted the requests for cryptocurrency for the delivery of medicines,
Includes money Bitcoin and Bitcoin.

It is the result of the Family Safety Study, the Federal Investigation and the Health Inspectorate.
Law Report and President of the United States D. Rubin and Paul Smith
Ask for a case.

An anonymous judge in the case told D.J. St. John was tested. Mendes was born in 2000; He was sentenced on November 19.
The 40-year extension will be punished with a five-year and $ 5 million fine. Sodos visits Monson a.s.
He was sentenced to five years in prison and fined $ 250,000. When will the real test end?
The courts have laid the foundation for the legal rights and guidelines of the federal courts
There is one big difference.

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