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Manual: XMPP / Jabber OTR over Black

Updated July 18, 2019

The first step is to download the XMPP client named Pidgin. Can download it here
[After downloading, go to installation. We look forward to seeing you there
There are many ways to wake up.

Tell Pidgin when the installation is done. Two separate windows appear. Now they beat. We have to go first
It is called a work program that will help you to effectively connect OTR online, there may be text messages.
Download here [

To download and install Pidgin, be sure to delete the OTR from the screen in the taskbar before installation.

Very good. OTR and Pidgin included. There are not many uploads in this course, people are easy to set up.
Pidgin Answer: The first thing you need to do is install the Pidgin Otr plugin. Do this by opening the pidgin by running it on
your device
Drag, select an attachment, and then click the box next to the registration information.

When done, we can add XMPP bank information and start talking, if you do not have a bank, create one.
If you want a list of XMPP service providers, you can get one of these links. tirene
Register and log in to Pidin.

The next step is to work on the next step to stay fit, making the trip the face of the Sox 5, and not only that.
The message is hiding OTR, but it is blocking Tor. Click the Intermediate tab and update visitors
Therefore, the port. Note that Tor is active or has a connection error.

Click [this, now with security method
Access to Communication via the Internet. Stay with us!

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