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Updated on July 18, 2019

Welcome to Whonix as a participant to get a better operating system
Including the Internet. The loss of system memory is hidden only as an accessory
A living system for protecting privacy and anonymity
This is especially important when accessing the Internet. No different from Wonix
Designed for use on a virtual machine, but with a USB stick instead of a DVD
Like an SD card. This can be difficult, but you may want to leave
This option offers additional features
Protect yourself.

The Tor tail is used to connect to the Internet and block all activities
It connects you directly to the Internet. This means that it is present in every program
Automatic network.
However, whatever the operating system does, it is useful
Save everything to your hard drive. This is the only storage space used
When the computer shuts down, the RAM automatically shuts off. This
What’s not in the name? Can create sensitive documents
Always store only on the external device of your choice
In particular, it means giving up everything you work for
There is no sign. It includes various encoders
Supports your personal protection when using the tail.

After downloading the latest version, go to their official torrent download page

So check the integrity of the ISO image to make sure you are not mistaken.
Preview Someone You Already Understand OpenPGP (Must Attend)
), Then this section is simple. Otherwise, they have a manual describing how to use it
See the idea you just downloaded and click the subscribe button.

So you have to decide whether you want to burn the DVD or not, or use Tel or USB program to insert USB / SD card.
Pros and cons are intertwined, so make up your own mind when researching.

Then insert the DVD or USB / SD and just open the computer. Sese
When it starts, you must use the BIOS and make changes
Boot command to keep any drive from the first block
Press the appropriate Enter button to enter the BIOS status list
Important when you start the computer. After changing the output
Restart and restart your computer without any problems.

There are many books on their page to use all these
Complaints work, but they describe it well. More
The safest way to use web pages is to go to deep networks and work with them
Difficult verses.

Iroyer they need an operating system that can run after them
Try Winix. This is not the only connection to the standard operating system.

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DARPA provides anonymous mobile communication systems

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