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Londoners feel guilty after police discovered the largest drug attack in Britain

The man is accused of drug trafficking when police discovered large amounts of MDMA in their children’s toys.

Patrick Scotland, a two-year-old veterinarian from Canada, has been charged in East London, East Valletta, Korea.

At his request, police said they seized a quantity of MDMA and methane from a British address.

Border Patrol searches letters sent to the UK
Pink crystals are found in Scottish games.

Product testing has confirmed that it is MDMA.

Authorities also alerted police on February 12 at Scotland’s address, following a security check in the paper.
Many medicines are considered Scottish.

After destroying the area, police found a tooth and a tooth containing colorful shells and dust.
It consists of several kilograms of methamphetamine, MDMA and cocaine, 100,000 ecstasy tablets, eight kilograms of resin and
Habits for LSD and medical equipment.

Officials from the Matsvest Central Command, which led the operation, took over Scotland yesterday.

After the second check, police confiscated additional drugs hidden under the bed, including laptops.

Scotland was interrogated at a nearby police station and was charged the day after February 13.

According to police, the amount of drugs seized is about 32.3 million rubles
So far, removal of crystal targets from MDMA and MB addresses.

Police also said the investigation was to remove the Darknet
In England.

Scotland was involved at the scene after the arrest and it was confirmed that the drugs found matched those found.

The only pumpkin sitting on the tree allows the police to tie the drug to Scotland.

Midwest Division investigator Kieran Carey said it was a prime example of collaboration.
Take decisive action on drug-related crimes, which eventually forced us to take many A and B drugs.

I am very pleased with Jonathan Hlappin and the excellent computer management of my team. I hope the result
Our judgment today shows that we do not pay attention to drug traffickers in our area.

Class A is loaded with three capture points to provide Class A drugs (MDMA, LSD, methylphetamine).
He is accused of possessing and storing class B drugs (ketamine, hemp resin).
Fraud due to a Class A drug ban

It has also been accused of being a weapon for refusing harmful liquid / gas / electronic ammunition equipment.

The 28-year-old will be tried at Oilworth Crown Court on Friday.

Detective Sergeant Kerry said: “I take every opportunity to use my skills and abilities.
Encourage us to take tough action against those who cause unacceptable corruption on our streets.

The evidence we have submitted against Scotland is strong and finally sad. An example of sterling
Work behind the scenes to prevent this type of crime.

We use drug tolerance and drug trafficking procedures. Mat continues
Invite partners who are working on this type of activity to get these people from our side
The distribution of drugs to local gangs was stopped.

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An East London man has pleaded guilty after being arrested by British police