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List of Spam in Q1 of 201 Q in Your Personal Statement

darknet List of Spam in Q1 of 201 Q in Your Personal Statement
Darknet List of Spam in Q1 of 201 Q in Your Personal Statement

Created July 18, 2019

The moment of deception is as traditional as Valentine’s Day, as the goals will be to make the personal experience stand out.
asterisk and credit card information. Topics used by criminals include florists and other Meetups websites
In fact, consumers often choose their loved ones to order and buy drugs like Viagra. Click / Click
The link to the report contains information on how to pay for cyber criminals.

There is no application product
The scam has misrepresented Apple’s new products like any other in late March. oven
These events led to a significant increase in the number of merchants directing users to cheat the Internet as an alternative to
Apple’s services. want
Apple shows an unrelated email. Emails are available to entertainers who maintain links and compliance
Recall that they saw Apple’s fake email.

Language support services
Fake email service provider is one of the most famous of the internet collection. Many of these reports have also been expanded
very slow. There is some discussion on the links to the sponsorship pages (which include important reviews)
and online businesses.

There are all the different kinds of information found in the first session:
Help with business related issues
Products with the highest staff promise
We use help. It cannot be said.
Users not only solve problems, but they do
It is all about deception.

Check it out on Instagram
Last year, fishermen and fishermen made their list on the Instagram account.
This trend continues, with service providers operating in full force and with no reference to the underlying factors.
Accepting, but sharing stories, pays for sharing and disseminating celebrities to share information.

Cybercrriers use a variety of methods to lure victims to products or services. What about you
Planning requires all kinds of information, from the seller’s name to the details. You can’t say it
All users are using their personal information.

In the first quarter, we recorded the email resources in Malta with the emails of the major services.
Scams related to email registrations are causing users to access fake information about affiliate links.
Create authentication and update payment details. Properties of different names are often used for real estate
Some sites have tried to prohibit the data provider from fraudulent regulation.

Financing company
Emails (ACHs) sent to users of U.S. direct services rose significantly in the first quarter.
A system used by many businesses and small businesses. The message contains incorrect instructions
Business orders issued by a customer or a local business. This message contains invalid tags
Upload incorrect files (old, archives) and links.

Another tip
We’ll see something else this season. In fact, the letter was sent on behalf of reputable companies
Involve candidates. Users are welcome to sign up for free according to their business plans and plans
Access the database on a specific computer. Users have tried to download the app from the cloud service
Displays a pop-up window called DDoS Security and Web Account URL (
The names of the number of organizations mentioned were used for broadcasting). If the user meets the requirements, it has a
malicious DOC file
Trojan.MSOffice.SAgent.gen Download to your computer and
The victim’s car.

Social values of employees
As expected, the Internet’s interest in cryptocurrency has not diminished. Spammers continue to offer cryptographic exchanges
Section users. In the first quarter of 2019, we found fake news about how terrorists were transmitted online
On behalf of the CIA officer who receives the downloaded file and stores the digital content
Child pornography.

The deputy said the case was because the victim’s name was different from the report.
(This is available on social networks / internet / forums, etc.). They are said to be part of the global community
More than two detainees in 27 states were prosecuted, but the officer knew
The victim was a security guard who had to contribute $ 10,000 for Bitcoin.

People are afraid to block the display of personal information,
Scammers did the same thing last year, highlighting the opportunities
Personal information, personal pornography, etc., at this time
It saves the live message
It’s like a dream.

International book
In the first quarter, a group of Renett companies were announced. Computer Writing Software
The message itself was sent by a dedicated company.

We also get bad documents that steal financial information from global businesses due to distribution.
This is the illusion of the name of an American company immersed in a service. Nothing but communication
All messages. Attendees are encouraged to open the closed book due to insufficient documentation and technical information
Trojan.MSOffice.Alien.gen. You can download it by installing Trojan-Banker.Win32.Trickster.gen into your computer.

Economic problems
Banks remain stable for hunting purposes. Scammers try to make their message as direct as possible
Make any changes to the address in your email address, copy your mail, make good news,
As in the first quarter, Fisher used forceful events to change people who received important messages.
Involved in the subject of terrorist attacks on Christ. The service expects this by name
New Zealand banks are advisors who add credibility to their messages. The email itself says the bank received some
A new security tool that asks you to update the account information you use.

This link took the user to a page in New Zealand on a phishing site. All information is included in the address
The site was sent to cyber criminals when the lightning button was pressed / turned off.

In the first quarter of 2019, the most insured traffic rose by 56.33% in March. The average percentage of spam in worldwide email
He achieved 55.97%, which is equivalent to the fourth quarter of 2018 (+0.07 points).

The highest traffic on the Russian Internet network occurred in January (56.19%). Costs for the quarter
55.48% and 2.01 points. More than 4 quarters.

Spam sources and country
Usually the postal countries are mainly China (15.82%) and the United States (12.64%); Other top 3 taxes, Germany,
It fell to 5th place in the first quarter (5.86%), followed by Russia (6.98%) and Brazil (6.95%) in the third quarter. This is it
France (4.26%), Argentina (3.42%), Poland (3.36%) and India (2.58%). In the first 10
Vietnam (2.18%).

The spam rate in the first quarter of 2019 (up to 2 Kb) increased from 7.14% in the fourth quarter of 2018 to 73.98%. Learn
KB News Up to 8.27% (up to 3.15 pp). News 1020 KB accounts for 5.4% of unwanted traffic, at 1.08 p.p. in the fourth quarter. to
2050 KB news is 3.00% (0.32 pages compared to Q4 2018)

In the first quarter of 2019, Ekploit.MSOffice.CVE-2017-11882 was the most commonly used virus in post traffic and dropped 7.73%.
at work
Second place went to Backdoor.Vin32.Androm (7.62%) and third place Vorm.Vin32.VBVB (4.80%). The fourth floor is considered usable
Trojan.Feffice.CVE-2018-0802 Microsoft Office Form (2.81%), then Trojan-Spi.Vin32.Noon (2.42%)
Chapter Five

Dialogue Program
Germany ranks first among the top three countries in virus programs (11.88%). Be aware
Vietnam came in second (6.24%), followed by Russia (5.70%).

ATBATR :: phishing
In the first quarter of 2019, 111,832,308 new prevention programs were used to transfer users to fake networks. 12.11 percent of
Kaspersky home inspectors
Buyers are hacking around the world.

In the first quarter of 2019, Brazil fax crossed the country with the highest number of users since the first quarter, at 21.66%.
Above 1.53 pp

The United States was the second of eight countries (17.20%), adding 2.42 pp. However, 4.46 pp. After the high Brazil. Spanish
the one corner is 1696% (+0.87 pp), higher than Portugal (16.68%) and Venezuela (16.72%), which is in the top five.

United States
Number of visitors brought in different shapes
This phishing program is against Kaspersky Lab
World Every time a user clicks
Click the link on the phishing page, email or social media account
message of the virus. Le A? U? Where is? What do you think?
At startup, a pipeline appears in the system that endangers the user
terrorism cases.

The sector is doing well this quarter as it lends more money to loans.
It posted 5.23 hp, up 25.78% compared to the fourth quarter last year.

Public Internet Web Hosting (available (19.82%))
Information is another aspect of the financial industry
It took the third place (17.33%).

The result
The share of international traffic in the first quarter of 2016 was 0.06. 55.97%, closed curve system
The recovery on the fax site was more than 111,832,308, an increase of 35,220,650 during the previous reporting period.

As always, don’t miss the opportunity to use the front
TV news related to your story (Apple products on sale in New Zealand)
Terrorists). On the contrary, immorality does not stop
Cybercrime has become a new security in the popular system
Terms of service.

In addition, protesters use social media to set goals and develop marketing strategies.
Use these celebrities to gain their rights.

Source: Kaspersky UK Labs [

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