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Linux: pirate situation updates

darknet Linux: pirate situation updates
Darknet Linux: pirate situation updates

[Linux hackers allowed to compete with them
Nice attack

Hackers have tools that can be used to perform various tasks. The hardest thing is Linux
The operating system contains some basic features that allow Linux hackers to easily manage attacks.
Compared to other operating systems.

Below is a complete list of why hackers prefer Linux over other operating systems.

1. Personal information
Until now, it’s the basic energy that separates Linux and other operating systems. There is a problem with the operating system
Search. It is possible if they want to change later. The only thing is that the code is updated and installed
The situation they need. If so, these coping skills work in tandem with high standards.
It doesn’t work for the average user. The strange thing is that anyone can test the desktop and have more space
Growth has an impact on the development of occupational therapy through collaboration.
Among the different people.

2. Let’s go
Unlike Windows or Mac, buying and using Linux is free, and developers have to pay for it. Because of this
As a result, hunters and others find homes where they can easily operate
Pay OT taxes.

3. Work
More recently, the most popular weapon in the world of all ages and all nations, including many resources, has been under attack.
Government agencies, hospitals, international organizations, private companies, etc. However, the virus is called WannaCry
WCry also has no effect on Linux users. Windows only. Linux users were not injured
In terms of viruses, this movement will reveal the importance of the system. The vision appeared in America
The community has reported that Windows systems are vulnerable to non-Linux systems. Here
The news was released to third parties who used it to deceive people.

[Linux is not a problem yet
The virus claims to be a more solid system.

PR. Use a natural environment
Linux users are different because they do not have to access or access the data.
Laser is the ability, a user needs Windows for their Microsoft account. Information about the user is also available
Sending a driver allows developers to see all the work on their computer and therefore becomes more difficult.

March. The result of two NIL flows on Mac and Windows OS
Since hackers use Linux with different types of attacks, most developers have no doubt
Hackney is involved in the process. In fact, Linux is unable to download the software

Plus some Windows settings are displayed in standard settings, so users cannot change them. About this
The developers choose Linux because their work is optional and cannot be limited by external controls. It’s true
Linux integrates a computer and offers advantages over a variety of software.

Of these. The service system can be modified according to the needs of the user.
System users can change the path to their best because they have the source code. Everywhere, everywhere
In a complex world, the world is different from goals and interests. It’s true
Linux is a good center for hackers if they scan the time code and serve it. For example, a hacker tool
One must plan to support the proper deployment of other SQL Server management tools. Linux
Users are allowed to customize them. This allows hackers to cheat apps
Guess what they are trying to achieve.

7. Reduce LINUX OS B
Due to its small size, installations are faster than Windows, so choose the best one. Repeat
The Linux operating system seems to be working fine. Like other systems where many functions are active
This allows computers to be cheaper, Linux is not a working model, so it will be more reliable. depending on
You can easily update a Linux application with Tuber, Mac or Windows. Again, people can say that
You must restart the Linux operating system with all other systems.

Having an open OS can make you suspicious because you can see all the details.
Details of the software-based code, a guide that helps online, and everyone can get the latest updates
Time is up

However, they will not know who can meet their needs for text content sharing.
The above features may explain why hackers choose Linux. In other types of operating systems
They are our value and our constant need for life. Finally, it is the plants that define the species
What OS can be used to refer to an age or function description. Thus, it will be damaged several times
Windows used it because it stopped the service due to an open device.

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