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L.A. agreement with. District Health Service.

Updated July 17, 2019

Violation of information in the regional health department
The service provider provided information on 14,591 patients.

Nemadzi is a company that deals with patients’ rights and accounts
Disorders of medical services and information have been identified
March 28, 2019, for hacking employees

The first personal copy was published on June 5, 2019
Information that may arise from this event
Nemay reported the incident to her doctor
There are opportunities for business partnerships, Nemai said in his injury report.

Address, date of registration / termination, application number, support group,
date of birth, security number, date of death, name of the client,
joint groups, insurance information, patient records and more
Passports, patient income, Medicare accounts and others
confirmation number for the confirmation number and customer name
what happened.

When planning information, the email owner is the bank email address
The beads will be shaped so that they can receive patients
ordinary. Finally Nemaji makes war
provide access to debtors and monitor payments
personal service.

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