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KFC workers sentenced to eight years in prison for smuggling 200 kg of drugs

darknet KFC workers sentenced to eight years in prison for smuggling 200 kg of drugs
Darknet KFC workers sentenced to eight years in prison for smuggling 200 kg of drugs

Because a very smart fast food worker
He is passionate about working in the marketing business and becoming a millionaire selling drugs.

It is legal for Paul Son Onson to import and sell heroin as a consumer.
Cocaine, L.S.D. Ketamine, fluoride and marijuana use
The black network is closely related to crime
Under the court heard the trial.

Fried Chicken, a 32-year-old former Kentucky worker, secretly runs his business on the roof of his two forts.
She lives in Porto, where she lives with her partner Leo John Onson and her son.

The young couple does not seem to know what the neighbors are doing.

Lawyer Luke Blackburn said John Onson was initially involved in marijuana ecstasy, but found it to be medicinal.

Transfers are made from Canada, Spain and other countries.

John Onson weighed it, attached it to the attic and was ready to deliver it to all customers in the UK.

This business is unparalleled management, said Nicholas Dan CC
Because of the common cases we deal with

On December 13, 2017, police searched Johnson’s home on Northampton Road in Market Harbor.

Some of the medicines on the roof were removed along with the packages
Johnson’s business label, brewed tea
A company that has been the wall of fraud in the postal system.

Defendant, who completed a commercial investigation, began drug trafficking in 2015. Initially, it collected 1,688,946 human

He had a large amount of cash in the bank – 314,358 Bitcoin coins were confiscated by the police.

Crowns were sold in the black world.
Blackburn told Leicester Supreme Court: he sells drugs in the dark.
Pay directly by bank transfer, cash, or
The Series.

Businesses use the dark Internet, especially in the pharmaceutical business.

From both
In August 2016 and November 2017, UK border control weighed 20.8 kg.
Johnson now owns three shipping address packages.
House, which is 40 percent to 40 percent

He reached the number
One kilogram of cocaine. A quarter of 8.1 kg
Three kilos of moringa powder, ketamine and eight
Each hashish bag weighs one pound.
Four and a half pounds.

The defendant seized 170 kg of drugs.

In there
Johnson eventually bought half of the 175,000 beds in 2016.
He bought another Range Rover for 20,000 kip and a Nissan Joke.
His wife invented 3,316 privately licensed vehicles.

Both courts were used by his wife because Paul Johnson did not drive, the court said.

The organization removed fake addresses in Cypress Close, Desborough and two villages in Market Harborough, Martins.
Britannia yard and market, both paid rent, tax advice and bulk.

Son O’Sullivan is said to have paid 34,34,000 stamps, including to the post office and the shipping company.

Mr. Blackburn said what Paul John Onson did when his son was at home, even though he worked in the living room.

Her husband knew what was happening, perhaps without investigating.

Keep him in a difficult position as the injury is not dangerous
If it were not for money laundering it would be.
Does not represent drug imports.

He said he believed
Most of these companies still believe in computer components
You work in this field and it’s true.

He said he sent marijuana to many people.

You have the advantage of a car and a home.

Judge Dean said: It is not possible that 175,000 people in the market did not buy much.

Paul Johnson and others accused him of money laundering
For February 2015 and December 2017, in addition to classes A and B.

Lexon Son agrees to own his own crime home
At home, both judges agreed on the same record as the two men.

Paul Johnson of Paul Johnson said the lawsuit was about a client, not a criminal.

He said he was a boy who worked in Yorkshire.

He studied hard for first-class honors, graduated from college and worked at KFC without knowing why there was a fence.
He tries to find his qualities.

At that time he couldn’t find any other way for the labor market.

Wally says: Insults are for money and don’t cost much.

He often feels greedy when reaching for his slim body.

He wanted to keep his wife and children, but she didnt tell him.

Hell is lucky to get a better job than he did
Worley added. – You have a lot of cheap cars, you don’t have a lot of expensive cars
Rule; He tried to win
Cook a lot of money or focus on yourself.

Activities can be stopped when the wire is touched
She was impressed.

for example:
He knew that prolonged imprisonment was also a punishment and that hell would make him happy
The job is better than what he did when he left school.

In a letter to the court, he admitted his anger and apologized.

He said the lawsuit was an insult to Johnson and his family.

Philip Gibbs, based on Leah Johnson, said they lived in them
We offered a simple house and not to see what was happening.

There is no beautiful lifestyle.

Most of the money is in a bank account to which you do not have access.

The court said no one in court was charged.

Judge Dean said eight years later, “he is resilient
With caution, fraud is the root of the problem
About two million pounds.

Leah Johnson was sentenced to two years in prison and suspended for two years.

The four-year-old accused was also arrested in a criminal case in May.

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