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Jokeroo Rephaware has invited hunters to join it

darknet Jokeroo Rephaware has invited hunters to join it
Darknet Jokeroo Rephaware has invited hunters to join it

(RaaS) is currently available to participants in various group collections.

By moving the location of the Dark Department, Jokeroo gives its users access to an advanced sales account.

The Procurement Service helps suppliers download and manage the warranty process.

RaaS partners must pay developers a portion of what they get from their customers.

Ras serves as a classroom for students to use the app because it facilitates the development of pension tools.

Hackers who have little knowledge of the Internet use malware illegally.

History of Witsen
On Twitter, under the hashtag @ Damian1338B, spies revealed that Joker Ra is on sale
GandCrab Ransomware raCS.

The developer has announced that there is a discussion link on the website.

But after a while, another investigator, David Montenegro (Ray Cryptowinson), revealed that his name was Ross.

The event host then introduced Ross to Twitter. They also said they did nothing in the contract.

Jokers Offer

According to Lawrence Abrams, the computer is sleeping
Compared to other races, this is different in the provision of subsidized housing.

Abrams explained that the uniqueness of the Joker is that it offers its services in three packages.

When a person joins RaaS, they will be sent a package of their choice.

The lowest price for these packages is $ 90. At this price, the partner received 85% of the purchase price.

The $ 90 package also includes a name for the profits that partners can choose from. Just like me
Choose the right insurance and you will be able to meet your needs.

Jokeru Ransomware-as-a-Service Victim List Summary. Source: @ CryptoInsane

You can also use logos, extensions and your favorite logo.

In addition, the cheaper package allows associates to use ransomware to infect all the victims they need.

You can also manage all victims with a control panel that lists IP addresses.

These shoes allow users to market Bitcoin. There are other antivirus programs

The other two packages range from 300 300 to 600 600 and allow the company to get all the results. They also have emotions
Lots of redemption software, payment process, 20 encryption or encryption.

Other features provided by Ras
While there are many benefits offered by Jokiro, the developers announced that users will get more benefits from the stack.

The manufacturer ensures that Joker users will not receive information about the stack stack.

List of victims / targets, time of attack, amount received e.g. Payments their details
Payment terms.

Twitter in Montenegro offers a short list of victims.

Photos of victims of Joker Ransomware-Service.
List of oker oker victims in Ransomware-Service-Service-Image domain. Source: cryptocurrency
In addition, the activity report is as follows:

Joker toolbar screen.

] The Joker knew about wood management. Source: ry CryptoInsign
On the other hand, they are able to find the victim according to the location and format of the Windows operating system

However, depending on the package chosen, users will be able to confirm what they see in the background.

Protect yourself from Rice and other malware

We need to be more careful in the fight against terrorism to see how any malware grows with potential terrorists.

Ways to protect your information will support you. Users can store their files on an external platform or in the cloud.
Don’t forget to enter your information to protect others.

Computer systems also need to be updated. Real computer software to make sure you have time.
Track system issues and use spammers to use in your attacks.

Hunters use all knowledge and skills and use the opportunity.
Therefore, it is important not to move your items and accessories or go ahead and use techniques – documents before deleting.

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Since 2015, Germany has conducted about 600 investigations into drone markets

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