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Jabber / xmpp tutorial to get an instant message from

darknet Jabber / xmpp tutorial to get an instant message from
Darknet Jabber / xmpp tutorial to get an instant message from

Updated: July 17, 2019

Pidgin is an open source and open source client that lets you manage and manage various email accounts (IM).
Interface only. Advanced Controls (OTR) are used by Pidgin to provide reliable and secure communication.
Among Pidgin users.

Before you can use Pidgin, you must have an IM account to register with Pidgin.
XMP Server offers many features, just do a Google search. Recommended by Visit
And create an account here.

1. Open the website and download and install the pidgin file.

2. Run pidgin now. This screen will appear the first time you use pidgin.

pidgin [Click the Add button: the ad window opens as follows:

4. Click on the protocol list to view the Yarda IM pidgin service protocol and accept the image below.

pidgin [Enter e-mail. your email address (example:
[email protected]) Enter the specific account and password field in the “User” field. Enter:
You want to create a nickname (this site is not required.), And it is important to develop it
Confidentiality and security reinforce secrecy. This means that Pidgin will enter your password at any time
Register for an online cat. This will prevent the thief from leaving the house.
Computers don’t know. The full “firewall” screen looks like this:

pidgin .

To add a Pidgin chat account to your friends, follow these steps: Click on your friends to upload it to a nice menu and
Then select the following friend:

Pidgin [display screen:

Enter your friend’s email address Pidgin, then press Enter to add a friend. We will send you a message
A friend who asks for your support or kindness will appear in your friends list as follows:

pidgin [your friends should do this now
Action: decision or rejection. If your request is accepted, it will appear in the friends list below.

pidgin [Send a message to a friend. Law
click on your friend’s name and select a conversation, a new window will open, below.

pidgin [your message and press Enter

pidgin [Last step! We do not install
OTR yet. Then go to and download the secondary plugin. Insert the device. After success
Choose Install, open the application, click Tools, and then select a plugin.

Learn to select the otter as shown in Pidgin .

pidgin otr [Then include a sentence with the otr. Hold on
Tap Options to start talking. There are only two functions of Otr
Members install the plugin and enjoy it.

Pidgin [Remember to end the discussion
You stop talking to your friends. Delete all comments.

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