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It’s easy! Hardware encryption using veracrypt

darknet It's easy! Hardware encryption using veracrypt
Darknet It's easy! Hardware encryption using veracrypt

Updated July 18, 2019

VeraCrypt is a free open source program created by the famous program TrueCrypt. Increases security
Algorithms are used to stop and configure systems and make them resistant to new information. The kidneys
Solve most of the issues and problems you find in TrueCrypt.

Additional security increases the delay in opening an update without achieving performance
End of service. This right is easily accessible to the owner, but it is also difficult to attack
To save data. VeraCrypt supports TrueCrypt and supports TrueCrypt standards. You can also switch to VeraCrypt

Step 1. If you have not already done so, download and install VeraCrypt. Double-click the VeraCrypt.exe file to run VeraCrypt
Or by clicking VeraCrypt in the Windows Start menu.

Step 2. The main window of VeraCrypt should appear. Click the Create volume (marked in red squares for clarification).

Step 2 [3. Large windows for the creation of Veracrypt Wizard should appear. At this stage, you must select where you want
VeraCrypt volume can be in a folder, also known as container, partition or drive. And
The tutorial selects the first option and creates the VeraCrypt volume in the folder. When you select the default option, yes
You can click Next. Note: In the following steps, the screenshot will be displayed on the right side of the wizard window.

Cam 3 . At this stage, you must choose either the standard or hidden VeraCrypt option. In this guide, we will choose
Create previous options and shared veracrypt number. Since the option is automatically selected, you can click Next.

cam4 [5. At this stage, you need to know where you want to use the walker volume. Please note that VeraCrypt
One container is the same for all types. For example, it can be moved or deleted in plain text. You also need a file name,
Which you choose in the next step.
Click Select File.
The File Custom Windows option should appear (while the VeraCrypt Volume Creation Wizard window is still open).

solis5 [6. In this guide, we have created the Veracrypt volume and the filename (container) in the F: \ Data \ folder.
My village will be (e.g.
As you can see in the pictures above). Sure you can set
Assign file name and location (for example, USB storage)
Chapana). Note that my volume does not yet exist. Creates a Veracrypt.

Important: Please note that Veracrypt does not contain existing files
File (Create Veracrypt folder). So
The file has been rewritten for this step
The newly created notebook (file) will start switching
Hidden). You
Crypt (and later) transfers existing files to Veracrypt notebooks
Right now we do. *

On the File Options tab, select the path you want (where you want to create the container). Enter the name of the desired mailbox
In the file area.
Click the Save button.
The File Selection window does not appear.
At this stage, we turned to Verakroppa’s colleague to create the energy.

* After copying the hidden file to the Veracrypt notebook, you must safely remove (delete) the original file
File Broadcast has a program that is used for secure unlocking (mostly free).

Step 6 [7. Click Next in the Technology Assistant window.

Step 7 [8. Here you can select the encryption and volume signature buttons. If that doesn’t work,
you can use the default settings and then click

Tihi8 [9. Here we guarantee that our VeraCrypt car will have 250 megabytes. You can fix it
the size varies. If you wrote the required amount in response (indicated by the red box), click Next.

steps [10. It’s one of the biggest events. Here you have to choose the right debt. Read the file
It is available in the Windows wizard called Password.
Once you’ve selected the correct password, put the first session in the box. Then click on the box below
Click on View. Note: The following buttons are disabled because their column numbers are valid.

Step 10 [11. Mouse moves out of Sound Wizard window
Blue, green is better (it is recommended to move the mouse button for at least 30 seconds). This
Encryption key saves encryption strength (increased security).

Click the start button.

The number should start. Now create a file called Way Volume in the Veracrip F: \ data \ folder (shown in this step)
6). This file is a collection of words (including the vericrypt sections in the manuscript). According to the voice
Building a team can take a lot of time. When this happens, the following dialog box appears:

Step 11 [Click OK to close the dialog box.

Step 11-1 [12. We just created a VeraCript library in the VeraCript search window,
Click on the loan.
The wizard window disappears.
On the other hand, we can only determine the value made. Return to the main window of VeraCript (it still works)
If not, skip step 1 to start VeraCript, continue to step 13.)

Step 12 [13. Select the silent letter from the list (marked with a red square). This is the letter to draw a guide to VeraCript
First of all.

Note: In this guide we have chosen the letter M, but you can choose the letter.

Design [14. Click on the file.

Step 14 Go to the document file and select a file. (Steps 6-12) and select (open)
File transfer window
You need to open the log file
In the next step, we return to the main VeraCrypt window.

Step 15 [16. Click the “Install” button in the main VeraCrypt window, and then a window alert should appear.

Step 16 [17. Enter a login field password (see Red Corner)

Step 17 [18. The selected PRF algorithm is used to generate the sound (SHA-512 is a generic PDF used from the script).
If you don’t remember which PRF to use, change it automatically, after which the design process will be slow.
After you have entered the password for good

VeraCript will now try to increase the volume. If the password is incorrect (for example, if you entered it incorrectly),
I’ll tell you, and you’ll need to repeat the previous step (re-enter your password and click OK). If the password is correct,
The voice will rise.

Step 18 . We were able to create a container such as Virt disk M:

Completely hidden on disk (file name, function)
Tables, spaces, etc.) And act as the original disk. You can save it
(Or copy, move, etc.) This modern device will consist of files and
The number that will be displayed at the time of writing.

For example, if you open a file saved in the Vericrip directory
For players, the file will be written directly to RAM
He flies while reading

Important: Make sure you open the saved file in VeraCrypt
Calculation (seconds when writing and copying a file, VeraCrypt per second)
You will not be asked to re-enter your password. access is required
The laws of India are the right word.

For example, you can remove a goal song from the list as shown in the image above (streaming option) a
Then double-click the selected item.

Pages are able to see the numbers entered [
One is to go to other types of mathematics. For example, open the computer list (or my computer) and double-click
Click on the email address (in this case the letter M).

[Open in VeraCrypt and you can download files (or folders).
Only numbers
You can copy it as a standard copy (for example, always)
Create and delete actions). Files to read or download
VeraCrypt adapters connect itself
Write about the plane (remember). In the same way in writing or other form
The copy was immediately added on behalf of VeraCrypt to Fly In
Fix memory (before writing to disk).

Note that Verikpt does not save data stored on disk.
While the sound is on, it temporarily saves RAM
Installed, data stored in the volume will still be encrypted. Then restart
Windows or computer are closed
Move and all files stored there are no longer available
Integrity, even if no firepower is used (without it)
Correct process is closed), all files saved in volume are deleted
Unused (and disguised)
Then turn off the volume. Repeat steps 13-18.

Restart or merge your operating system to turn off the volume and the saved file is invalid.
Follow the steps:

Last in the list of numbers used
VeraCrypt is important
Window (red bar and top screen)
Click on Dalpa Market
Screenshots) to access device files.
You must determine its volume. Repeat steps 13-18.

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