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It’s easy! Hard disk usage with VeraCrypt

darknet It's easy! Hard disk usage with VeraCrypt
Darknet It's easy! Hard disk usage with VeraCrypt

Updated July 18, 2019

EraCrypt is a free and open source codec based on the very popular TrueCrypt system. Improves security
As an algorithm used to encode systems and partitions, it excludes the development of ammunition. very
TrueCrypt fixes many vulnerabilities.

This causes a certain delay in opening the encrypted partition without affecting the improved security performance.
Launch the application. This is acceptable to the rightful owner, but for the attacker it becomes more difficult
Encrypted information. EraCrypt is compatible with TrueCrypt and can download the TrueCrypt folder. This can be changed to
Make up.

Step 1. Download and install the Compress records, if you have not already. Then double-click the EraqScript text to start the
EraScriptScript session.
Or by clicking the EraCrypt shortcut on the Windows Start menu.

Activity 2. Bella clip is the main entrance. Click the Save button (marked in red or orange).

Step 2 [3. Vrycrypt Wiring must be installed. Now you have to decide where you want to be Vericrypt
It burns Vericrypt information can be displayed on any device called a disk or disk directory. Inside her
In this guide, choose the first option and create a vericrypt file in the file. The options are on a regular board so
You can click on the side. Recollection. In the following steps, the right side of the help window is in the figure.

Step 3 [4. In this case, you need to decide whether to create the page or hide VeraCrypt. In this survey,
The first option is to create a custom VeraCrypt account. The options are different and you can click on them later.

Step 4 [5. This step requires that you decide where to create the Vericrypt size (file format). Remember Veracrypt
A big fugitive like a normal fugitive. That is, it can be downloaded or deleted as a regular file. Need foil
Determine the next step
Click Select Option.
The installed Windows files are installed and installed (but the VeraCrypt Wizard opens).

Step 5 [6. In this tutorial we will create a VeraCrypt F: data directory and a file with file name for the volume (container).
That could be my volume (e.g.
You can see the screen above). Yes you can
Add file name and storage mode (eg, USB storage)
Toolbar Next). Note that the File Volume Manager file is available and is created by VeraCrypt.

Important: Note that VeraCrypt does not copy existing files
File (when you create a VeraCrypt file system). If you choose
The current file is replaced by the file
Last used power (so replace files)
Missing, no code). You will know
Encrypt the available files (see below) when converting them to VeraCrypt size
We wrote it. * *

Select the path you want (where you want to create the device) and select the file. Click the file name of the device
In the File Name field.
Click “Save”.
The window you selected should be deleted.
In the next steps, we will return to VeraCrypt Adjustment Assistance.

* Note that after downloading files to the VeraCrypt notebook, the server must be deleted (deleted)
Files are not uploaded. There are software tools that you can use for safe removal (most of which are free).

pas6 [Create Sound window, click Next.

Step. Here you can choose from different encryption algorithms and sizes. If you do not know what to choose here,
You can use the default settings and click Next.

Step [[… Here it is recommended that the size of the clay pot be 2 MB 0 MB. Certainly,
In different sizes. Enter the required amount (marked in red) in the input field and click Next.

Step is a very important step. Now you need to choose the appropriate size password. Read the information carefully
The corresponding password is displayed in the wizard window.
After selecting the correct password, first enter it in the input field. Then fill in the input fields under the first field.
Click Next. Note: The following buttons will be deleted until both input fields have the same password.

Step 10 [11. In the controlled window, move the mouse randomly at least the random selection index
Turn green. The more you move the mouse, the better (it is recommended to move it within 30 seconds). This
Improve encryption key (this increases security).

Click Start.

Volume creation must begin. Veracrypt now creates all my files in the F: \ Data \ directory (as shown in step)
6) This file is a Veracrypt capacitor (has a Veracrypt number that is encoded). Depends on the size of the volume.
It takes a long time to create value. When finished, the following dialog box appears:

Step 11 [Click OK to close the dialog.

Step 11-1 [12. We have just created a notebook for VeraPript. (File Store) in the Veracrip Risk window.
The woman’s window will disappear.
In the following steps, we simply add the value generated. We return to the original Vericrip window (we still have to)
Activate 13 steps to start VeraCrypt, but restore 13

paso12 [13. Select a license from the list. (Marked in red) This is a VeraCrypt user manual.
A container is installed.

Note: We prefer the M Drive manual for this guide, but you can choose other driving instructions.

Step 13 [14. Click to select a file.

Step 14 [15. In the File Select menu, show the document view (steps 6 through 12) and select it. Press to open (b
Document Settings window).
The file selection process should not be violated.
The next step is to return to the main VeraCrypt window.

Step 15 [16. Click Mount in the main VeraCrypt main window. The Request Form dialog box appears.

Step 16 [17. Enter the code for the code (specified in step 10) (marked in red).

Step 17 [18. Select the PRF algorithm used to generate the volume (SHA-512 is the standard PRF used by Veracrypt).
If you do not remember the PRF you are using, configure it for manual installation, but configuration will take longer. Strong
Password provided

Veracrypt will now try to change its height. If the password is incorrect (for example, if you entered an error), VeraCrypt
You will be notified and the previous steps must be repeated (re-enter your password and click OK). If the password is correct,
The voice is open.

Step 1 We keep disk-m containers

Device is fully encrypted (file name, destination)
Ducks, locations, etc.) acts as a disc. You can save
(Or copy, play, etc.) to this virtual disk
As it is written, they are connected by mosquitoes.

For example, when you open a file stored in VeraCrypt Media
In the browser, the file is automatically imported into RAM
Fly as you read.

Important: Make sure that the open source file is VeraCrypt
device (when copying or copying files from VeraCrypt volume)
Do not ask for your password. You need to enter
The correct password is only available if you are counting.

You can turn the volume on, for example, by selecting the menu as shown in the image above (blue light) and
then double click on the selected item.

step [It can also be seen by holding the volume
a method that is often used for different types of containers. For example, in the list of open computers (or my computer) and
Click on the correct driver (in this case, the letter M).

you can copy files (or files) to and from VeraCrypt
instead it is
like a hand on every disk (for example, it’s easy
Drag and drop features) Files that are read or copied
The textbook provided by VeraCrypt is a translation
when moving to random access to memory (memory). Also include data tag
copied to VeraCrypt, published directly on the move
RAM (before the disk is exported).

Note that VeraCrypt cannot store recovered data from the same disk
It temporarily handles it in RAM (memory). Regardless of the amount
Reset, the data stored in this volume will still exist. When you return
Window or crack your computer, order
This will be deleted until all confidential files are not disturbed
Protected). Although the power is disconnected (no
Proper system settings), all files are stored in the drive
Not negotiable (and sustainable). To make it more accessible
Again, you need to save volume. Repeat this step by repeating steps 13-18.

If you want to close the book and not use the file, restart your operating system or delete it
Book. Follow these steps:

Lastly, [the survivors’ book is listed in
VeraCrypt Great
The window (marked with red roses in the picture above) and then
ClickDismount (also marked with a clear red section
Snapshot above). To keep your jobs in bulk
You have to get his money. Repeat this step by repeating steps 13-18.

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