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Italian police have announced the Berlusconi market

Italian police announced yesterday the closure of two major Berlusconi Market markets and the blocking of three.
This is a crime.

Nuclear special intelligence and technological intelligence (privacy and technology specialty)
Berlusconi is responsible for closing the market, which is the most trusted source of illegal resources in the dark network.

The Berlusconi Tar-Down Market has over 120,000 advertisements for illegal products. according to
The main black online market is for the Guardia di Finanza (Italian police). It is based on 70-year-old leafy vegetables.
Mental illness, including, but not limited to, cannabis, opioids, steroids, cocaine and heroin. This is part of a good
Features for easy access. They are one of the few brands that sell weapons that have more than 5,000 lists.
All types of ammunition and ammunition. Police said the site contains a list of forged domestic and foreign documents.

The trial, known as Darknet.Drug, began in early April, leading to the arrest of a notorious drug dealer, G00D100. op
Police found several drug crews in the attack on the G-100D100 Safe House in Barletta, Italy.
Cocaine, ketamine and MDMA weigh 2.2 kilograms.

The arrest of G00d00 was a big step for the police, as he was admitted as a member of the Berlusconi administration. ta
He learned of the company’s private keys, which were replaced by an Italian man after being arrested by authorities.
the police.

During the g00d00 home crash, police confiscated laptops and smartphones and ordered forensics to investigate Bitcoin
List the applications that drivers use to manage other drivers. According to police, it was Berlusconi
The president is run by a client named Vladimir Putin and the business is run by Emmanuel Macron.

Three defendants aged 26 and 27 running the company have been arrested for Polia’s assault.
Located in Turin, Italy.

This is the fourth campaign to prevent riots against the FBI and the Dutch police.
Dark companies such as Silk Road, Alphabet and Hansa have been appointed by Attorney General Barca Nocrino.

Berlusconi is the second largest market, and when removed, it reaches the black market.
Withdrawals are not unexpected for the user. Many users lose money. But recover as soon as possible
This is a common feature of dry ecosystems. When they sell the market, there are a lot.
Market trends seem a waste of time rather than making things useful because they help
Users of this low-cost network site educate the public about the remnant world, and users come here more.
Tuck them

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