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Italian police have announced the acquisition of Berlusconi’s market

darknet Italian police have announced the acquisition of Berlusconi's market
Darknet Italian police have announced the acquisition of Berlusconi's market

Italian police announced yesterday that the second largest market, Berlusconi Market, was closed and that three suspects were arrested.
In charge of driving.

Privacy and security of technical fraud (important part on confidentiality and technical fraud)
It is the closure of Berlusconis market, the most reliable source of the black internet.

At the time of the accident, there were more than 120,000 illegal messages on Berlusconi’s market. Become
This is a big dark market for the Guardia di Finanza (Italian police). It is estimated that 70,000 of them are taking medication
Not to mention psychotropic drugs, including marijuana, opioids, steroids, cocaine and heroin. Everything is distributed
General group. It is one of the few markets that allows people to sell weapons and property in more than 5,000 markets.
All weapons and ammunition. Police said that there was a list of incorrect and bizarre information at that place.

A service called Darknet. The treatment started at the beginning of April and led to the arrest of the G00d00 pharmacy. API
Police found several drug paraphernalia at the G00d00 shelter in Barretta, Italy.
The dose of cocaine, ketamine and MDMA exceeded 2.2 kg.

Police were able to arrest the G100D100 on suspicion of being involved in Berlusconi’s brand management. Complete:
He was able to use a private market key, which was replaced by the vice president when he learned that the Italians had arrested
The police

During a raid on the G100D100 home, police seized a laptop and mobile phone conducting a forensic analysis of bitcoin sales.
They use a messaging program to find other administrators. Policeman, Berlusconi
It is managed by a user named Vladimir Putin as administrator, and Emanuel Macron as market director.

Three alleged market managers, aged 19, 226 and 227, were arrested in Puglia for the attack.
Located in Turin, Italy.

This is the fourth Dark Web Prevention Program. This is against the FBI and the Dutch police
It was reported to Brasia Prosecutor Carlo Nasarino at Darnet Markets, such as Silk Road, Alphabet and Hansar.

In the aviation sector, Berlusconi is the second largest market and will be the largest market for the Dark Line.
Unexpected removal for users, many users lost. But they recovered quickly.
Darknet has become a common occurrence in the ecosystem. Many others bought uniforms from the market.
The experience of overcoming the local market has been futile, a waste of time because it is not leading
Instead of embarrassing its users, Darknet provides more information about the Darknet world and thus attracts a lot of
Leave them alone

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