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Italian police have announced that they have attacked the Berlin market

Italian police reopened a new shopping center and arrested three suspects.
He paid for the job.

Illinois Secret Police iFutern Kitty (Fraud Defense Team)
The founder of the Ferguson massacre is sadly on a dark path.

With the collapse of the Ferguson fruit market, more than 120,000 advertisements for illegal products have appeared. According to
these cases
This is a very black market for the Italian police. Up to 70 cm K. Bad medicine
Outwardly, schizophrenia, marijuana, opioids, sodium, cocaine, and heroin cannot be cured. Everything is done in an orderly way
Sign up for quick access to one of the smaller markets selling equipment and addresses over 5C. ,
All kinds of weapons and equipment. Police also said they had fake IDs and external IDs on the website.

The move, known as Darknet.truck, started closing G00d00 in early April. If a
Police found various drugs during a search at the G00d00s shelter in Palletta, Italy.
Cocaine, ketamine and pills weigh more than 2.2 kg.

The arrest of G00d00 is a move by the police, as Berlusconi has admitted that he is related to the market administration.
Furthermore, it was revealed that Italians held their managers once access to major private markets was changed.
The Guardian.

During the attack on G00d00s homes, police seized laptops and smartphones and performed a legal analysis of Bitcoin transactions.
News programs followed by other administrators. Police kill Berlusconi to death
It is managed by a user named Vladimir Putin, who plays an important role and Emmanuel Macron was a market broker.

Three defendants, a 19-year-old, 26-year-old 27-year-old market participant, were arrested during the attack in Puglia.
Turin, Italy.

This is the fourth task to neutralize the black site. It is against the FBI and Dutch police
According to Carlo Nocerino, press attorney general in black markets such as Silk Road, Albay and Hansa.

At the time of the fall, Berlusconi was the second largest market and unfortunately it was the largest black market.
By eliminating what users did not expect, many users lose money but find me quickly
brown Most people used it when the word was closed
place. Thus, education in the mining industry has been shown to be a waste of time and ineffective because it is no longer
possible to do so
Black customers believed that these changes would bring peace to the world and attract more customers to these changes

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