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It was fraudulent to collect money from Spain Poteta police

darknet It was fraudulent to collect money from Spain Poteta police
Darknet It was fraudulent to collect money from Spain Poteta police

Updated on july 18 2019

Spanish police recently abolished the practice of earning counterfeit money by distributing thousands of banknotes in euros.
At home, when sold on the dark network. They say this is the biggest operation recently
Inscribed in the history of the country.

Senior officials said the union had hampered its activities.
Tenerife, Spain. They have created a very bad network
Coins with a value of 10 or 20 euros were returned in total as follows
7500 per month.

Europol is investigating the case with the Spanish National Police. I started studying in 2018 directly in Tenerife.
Banks reported a significant increase in the amount of counterfeit money distributed on the peninsula. They reported
The notes mainly appeared in the church’s tenth congregations, and officials working on the Malala process discovered that there
were also notes here.
Distribution in Europe.

Police, who are believed to be the main focus of the building, are angry at the house
work. People have been arrested and euro signatures are wrong
More than $ 17,000 was seized. They look professional
A print that can create real stories and evidence
At home. Computers and conversations continue
Easy printing process.

Experts in printing systems say that technological advances and tools have created a way of production.
High banking is associated with illegal banking. It was very surprising, especially for most of the look
They opened. All this allows them to operate temporarily without the law
Use it.

In the arrest report, Europol said it helped with the murder
The team finances the program and provides information
Support services from the beginning. They got the program
From there, they can always follow the suspects.

A European spokesman said he was working on the case
It is their responsibility to make the development of the budget as profitable as necessary
European Union Office. Played other important roles
It contains important information that is interactive and easy to follow
Skills, trial and criminal details. They found wealth
Scientific support of both domestic and foreign law enforcement agencies
Outside the EU

The wind has lifted many people, including bank accounts
Policy for the EU. Austrian police have released a false statement
The store opened in June last year at the Lobna Center. The police said
The owner of this shop created many churches to dispel lies
10,000 items for sale on the Black Website
It has been sold to the Europeans.

Last October, Europol announced he was dying
Gadask’s scroll machine was stopped by police
To find out he is 50 years old. This is a story
The management said the shop owner would take the photo
He worked in the dark throughout the EU
Over the years he has been well respected.

In the end, more than 300 attacks occurred in ten locations
EU countries include Cyprus, Croatia, Finland, the Netherlands, and
The focus is Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal and the United States, 235
Another story was published from November through December. He was arrested by police
500 1,500, other drugs, computers and computers, weapons,
Bitcoin and dollar products.

Willie Van Gemert spoke about the organization
Officers distribute the books to all customers
Unpublished articles from the Black Web.

Spanish police warned neighbors about the fight
Rules for EU refusal of banks

The European Central Bank continues to provide information
To view the hard disk carefully, you need to view and burn the data
It is effective. The bank added that the text is strong and clear
Some parts of the book are more melting than others. In the publication
In addition to the graph, the cursor must be displayed in the list
Pictures and advertisements near this site. Note, a
Money is the opposite of Europe and one
The emerald number indicates the disc torch.

The rule requires citizens to be notified if their registration is invalid.

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DarkNetsets DarkNet Dictionary!

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