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It shows how the authorities attacked the biggest black web chemistry revolution in Germany

In fact, some of Germany’s largest medical facilities are available in high quality pills or marijuana and are in good health. All
of this was starting to fool me
Email the officer before the police arrive.

The researchers found 17 drugs: although 10 grams of marijuana had 100 euros, 25 extra pills
50 grams of Colombian cocaine for 112.50 euros, 3010 euros. Especially buying good quality items
In a shocking statement, investigators sent internal documents to the Federal Police Department.

Thousands of pages compare photos of researchers to find German medical staff
In a program called Revolutionary Medicine, the cybercrime group sells a variety of drugs, in addition to drugs online.
Amphetamines, marijuana and MDMA, such as cocaine and heroin. Researchers found more, according to researchers
Millions of euros.

The remedy available on the internet is rice
However, it can be seen that the number of pharma online pharmacists has been steadily increasing in recent years and still is.
All officers, including the Federal Bureau of Police (BKA). According to BKA, this is not happening right now
How important are the people who are leading the journey? But one thing is certain: for the crown
Many drugs are sold by mail and mail.

Under the Secretary of State
The paper shows that correspondence plays an important role in the chemical revolution. These medications are also reported to be
sent home by mail. He announced.
The surveillance video shows young people and shopping bags in front of a DHL training center when ordering drugs.
Across the city. In addition, investigators read the messages from the suspects and listened to the phone call. Similarly, there
must be one between the two
One of them was a member of the chemical revolution when they were planted in the rebel station. Two staff members said:

How did you save Paul from the letter?

> How are you doing now?

> He’s in the stable now, but how do I slow him down? Where are they

> Yes, you click send.

New Atom: Of course young people without computers
According to BKA, digital medical retailers are mostly young people, people from computers. These monsters are always there
They are very new to the business and do not integrate into existing networks as past influencers. At least
Part of the change is chemistry.

They are all accused men, one of whom is over 400 years old. The source of most drug abuse allegations is 27 years and older
Whose name is Joko on the internet. According to the investigation, he distributed documents with a Dutch citizen.
Investigators believe the drivers knew Germany. Overtime, it is said that you have runners.
They are shipped and packed in a flexible line to send to the customer in the form of scales or screens.

BKA said the digital drug delivery service could attract new consumer groups to the medical industry. Explain. Current budget
This suggests that more importance will be given to rural areas. Overall, Darknet offers fewer customers
Easy and safe access to drug stores can be targeted at previously disadvantaged consumers.
Traditional dealers, for example at train stations.

Existing evidence suggests that the investigation ends with a detective story: operators
I once contacted a friend who helped run the Chemical Revolution business. Buy other medicines. which is
At that time, the authors of the Chemical Revolution did not know that this science had cooperated with the government for a long
breath. The traitor contacted the drug dealer, but was in fact a BKA secret detective.
Finally, in a conversation with a pharmacist, he wrote:

> Do you want to work?

> Yes, I have some problems. Are you interested?

> Yes, really?

> Materials: Speed crew L. D. E. Or heroin.

Distribute and sell coupons
The pharmacy spends 40,000 on a football bag in the Hamburg train. This is how it should be
More than twelve kilos of drugs were found. Researchers listened to the gathering. Shortly before leaving d
KK Secret Scientist: Okay, Red Horse. Obviously, this term is a shorthand
Shortly afterwards, the workers arrested the suspect.

Almost all members of the anti-slavery movement will be replaced in February 2019. Only the leaders of the armed forces will not
be arrested.
Initially, according to the study, Joe’s real name was not known to all of his staff. They have said it many times
B.k.a. Voting on the information above is confidential.
We investigate social media forums.

Criminals can thus commit less crime than they would without the desire to poison
Inside detectives make money for Joko by ordering a pizza. So they ignored the original charge
He was arrested on May 201.

He and ten others were charged with human trafficking. Exam date is still in progress.

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